Friday, 8 February 2013

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Powder

Going back probably about a year ago, I was sitting at my desk watching my favourite beauty guru of the time (beechbum06) rave about the Maybelline Fit Me powder.  I was gutted we didn't have it hear, but there were rumours Maybelline were going to launch it in the UK several months later.  So I patiently waited and waited until one day, one miracilous day, I heard the news.  They were launching it over here, and just a few weeks from that day!  Wahoooo, I broke out the champagne was so happy and excited!

Then that magical day finally arrived.  I went to my local Superdrug, and picked up my first Fit Me Powder :D  (it's worth noting, I passed on the foundation - looked far to orangey for my skin!)  This was about... 4 months ago now, and guess what?  I've been using it EVERY day since!

If you follow me on YouTube at all, you've probably already seen it feature in many favourites, and many 'Get ready with me' looks, but if not, today is your lucky day, behold... The Maybelline FitMe Powder *dramatic drum roll before you look at the picture*

Powder puff underneath the powder, and a mirror for application on the go!

My Thoughts

In the blog-o-sphere I've heard lots of mixed reports about this, and I know everyone's skin is different, but it amazes me how different everyones experience of this has been.  For me, it's been really good.  Yes it has flaws, which I'll get to, but overall I've been really enjoying it.  Here's why.

Packaging - it's got everything you need if you're on the go (mirror/puff) etc, as well as been very sturdy/durable - not like the Rimmel Stay matte (which I've heard is amazeballs) where the lid easily comes off - so not quite as good if you're out and about.

Product - this is very very finely milled, which means (for most people, not all) it's not cakey.  It sets your foundation really well and helps to build a more flawless finish as it has fairly decent coverage in it's own right.  It'll set your foundation beautifully and help it last a good few hours longer than it would have done without it.

Negatives - You will need to re-apply this during the day.  I find that around... midday (after applying makeup at around 7am) I'll be getting shiny again and need another going over of powder.  This may not be down to the powder, this could just be my horribly oily skin or the foundation I choose to use with it.  But ultimately, after a few hours, I need more powder.  The other negative is that I know lots and lots of people haven't found it to be as good as I have, they've found it to be cakey, and that it doesn't last very long.

Price - £5.99 online in Superdrug right now (but at time of writing this, also has £2 off making it £3.99) which is very reasonable.  The Rimmel Stay Matte powder is £3.99 at full price and I know is really revered in the beauty world - so... as much as I really LOVE this, I think I will probably try the stay matte next, purely because so many people rave about it, and I really would like to find a product that can try to control my oily skin for longer than until lunch time.

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  1. This sounds really good :) x

  2. I'm dying to try the whole range, I'm just waiting for my current products to run out first
    Have you tried the foundation or the concealer yet?

    Lucy x

  3. I really like this product too. I haven't found it cakey at all but like you I don't use it with the fit me foundation -maybe that's the trick!


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