Thursday, 14 February 2013

Review: Vivo eye liner

Hello everyone!  Happy Valentines day!!!! I hope you've all been swamped with valentines cards :) Now, back a few months ago, you may remember that I went to Tesco and bought a few Vivo goodies, well, this is one of them :)

Looking through my eye liner collection almost all of what I have is black shades and some brown, no actual colours, so when I saw this one on the stand (bear in mind, I loooove teal!) I had to try it :)  Oh and before you mention it, I do know they're the same company as MUA :)

They say "These little magic wands of goodness have a lot more uses than we bet you originally thought when you clicked on this page! Kohl is traditionally used to line the waterline – of course, ours does that fantastically, and won’t budge all day. But why not try applying it softly to the top of your eyelids and using our innovative soft sponge at the other end of the pencil to smudge it into your eyelid? Ahhh you hadn’t thought of that before had you! You can use it on it’s own to create a softer eyeliner look, or use it as a base for our gorgeous eye shadows that’ll help them stay put all day. There are six shades, and one of our firm favourites at VIVO HQ comes in the form of Green Lagoon – a shimmery Turquoise!"

My Thoughts

It does scare me a little, wearing colours like this, because lets face it, I'm not 14 any more!  However, whatever your age this is a beautiful colour to wear and easy to make it work for you.  What I did, was do my makeup the usual way (neutral smoky eye with winged black liquid eye liner) and then I ran this under the lower lash line and used the smudger at the end to blend it all in - I extended it to the point of the winged black liner too and looked really pretty.

As for it's quality, it lasted really well, for most of the day before fading a bit and disappearing into the horrible fine lines under my eyes!  It's very creamy and easy to blend before it sets, and the pigmentation on it is fantastic, but to be honest, how often nowadays do we find khol liners with bad pigmentation?

Where to buy: Large Tesco stores, or online here.
Costs: £1.50
Would I buy it again? Yes

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  1. That is a lovely colour! And happy valentines day to you :) x


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