Friday, 15 February 2013

Review: Witch Skin Clearing Primer

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you had a nice Valentines day yesterday?  I made me and the hubby Dauphinoise potatoes - my absolute favourite!!!  NOM!

Anyway - you didn't come here to hear a play by play of what I cooked last night!  This is ANOTHER one of the goodies that was in the mahoosive goodie bag I had in the #bbloggersxmas event - I know, when will these reviews end of all that stuff right?

Witch is a product/brand I've been familliar with since I was about 14, so I'm talking a frightening 19/20 years (scarey!) back then, they sold witch hazel in a bottle and you'd apply to your skin with a cotton pad and it would help clear up acne - there were no primers like this that that made (that I'm aware of) it was more simplistic things.  Things that I used and re-purchased.

They say "Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer is designed to help prepare your skin for foundation by mattifying and absorbing excess oils, providing a smooth, silky base that helps you achieve an even and long lasting finish with any foundation or powder. Added to this, it also helps prevent and target blemishes by protecting skin from the layers of make-up, which can cause or aggravate blemishes."

My Thoughts

Primers are something that I'm only really starting to get into, so I don't have a vast array of other primers to compare this one to.  I have used Bare Minerals Prime Time, the Nivea one (had a sample in a magazine and loved it!), the Collection one and another one that was in an old glossy box that I didn't really like.  One thing some of the other ones I've tried have done is actually make the foundation cling to my pores and accentuate them - this isn't a good look, trust me.

The Nivea one didn't do that, it just made my skin smell like a clean summers day and well... I'll save the rest for a proper review when I've bought a full size of it :)  Back to Witch!  This didn't make the foundation cling to my pores (yippee!), it certainly helped it cling in place for the day and stopped it being as oily.

I can't say it helped my blemishes, I've had blemishes both small and large the entire time I've been using it - I don't think it's caused them at all, and you never know, without it I could have had worse breakouts, but I'm not convinced it's helped in that way at least.

But, as a foundation primer I've been using it every day for about 4 weeks now.  It's done a great job, there's no real scent to it, nothing nasty anyway.

Oh, and following on from using this and liking it, I followed them on twitter, then nominated Laurie from A Scottish Lass for their flawless follower Friday giveaway and we won!  So I have a pressed powder of theirs to start trying now too, yay!

Anyway, that was a bit of an all-over-the-place review, but to summarise, I like it, I'd recommend it, not convinced it's helping my spots, but I don't think it's making them worse, its helped my foundation stay in place way better than if I hadn't used it, and it doesn't accentuate my pores #winning if you ask me!

Where to buy: Superdrug (here) and on the Witch site (here)
Costs: £6.99
Would I repurchase? Yes

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  1. I received this at the event too. I have dry skin so stay away from all things mattifying but I think my holiday next month will be the perfect time to give this a go :)

  2. I Finally received my concealer :-) thanks again for nominating me xx


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