Wednesday, 27 February 2013

TAG: Confessions of a blogger

Hi guys, thought it would be nice to do a cheeky little TAG today - you all know how I enjoy a good tag!  I was tagged by the beautiful one and only Laurie from A Scottish Lass to do this and thought, why not!? :)

Have you had any past online presence before? (Other blog, YouTube, etc)
Yep - before I started blogging, I had my YouTube channel, which I still upload to regularly (about once to twice a week) - be sure to check it out :) No other blog though.  My only 'online presence' was in the gaming world, having an Xbox live account, and playing World of Warcraft etc.

Why did you start a blog?
I'm not sure... I think, I've always enjoyed writing, I even started to write a book a few years ago, and as my love of makeup and beauty products has blossomed I wanted another outlet to share my thoughts with other enthusiasts.  From watching lots of videos on YouTube of people like Fleur de Force and Sprinkle of Glitter, I discovered and fell in love with their blogs and just had the urge to do the same.

When did you become so serious about starting a blog?
Not sure on the phrasing of this question! I basically started my blog after reading others, there was no long period of time thinking about it, I just did it (I'm very impulsive like that!).  I didn't start really taking it seriously though until about July last year (2012), that's when I started posting every day.  I just felt I had so much to say, it was really easy to do.  At that point I'd been blogging for about 6 months and had just reached my first 50 subscribers - yep, it was slow progress!  It still is to a degree :)

What was your first post?
My first post was just a rubbishy 'Hey, I have a blog... ' type post, my second post however was a review of the Fat Cat mascara - I'm not even going to link it, it was terrible!  It's in my archive on the right if you're desperate to read it and see the terrible photo's :p  Oh how things have evolved!

What has been your biggest challenge while blogging?
Easy - to try and not compare myself with other bloggers.  It's still a challenge now.  Hopefully you'll appreciate my honesty :)  But it's genuinely hard when I can put so much time and effort into my blog and YouTube, and see very little interest in either.  Then to see other bloggers/youtubers start up and overtake me in views/subscribers etc in a matter of weeks/months (more YouTube than my blog).  I'm definitely overly critical too, always feeling like what I've written or filmed isn't good enough, then I get into a silly cycle of 'that's why it doesn't do as well' etc... silly I know, but it's how I feel all the same ;)

Where do you see your blog in one year?
Honestly?  Maybe today isn't a good day to answer this question... I'd like to think I'd have doubled my following (reaching 2k), but more than that I'd like a lot more page views :)  Same on my YouTube :)

What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?
That has to be two parts, reading all the lovely comments you lovely people leave me, which helps keep me motivated, and days when I get lots of page views, I feel like I've done something right if that happens, it actually gives me a burst of adrenaline, especially if I'm watching the real time stats on Google Analytics and can see 10+ people on the blog at the same time :)

What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?
Probably me being overly critical of myself... that combined with seeing negativity on twitter and the net towards bloggers.  The way I see it, we're all in it together so we really should support each other and share ideas :)  Shame that isn't often the reality though, although the circle of lovely bloggers I'm lucky enough to surround myself with are pretty sweet :)

What's your lasting inspiration or motivation?
To constantly improve and beat last month.  If I had 15k views last month, I want 16k this month :)  I want to improve me and my blog all the time, making it a lovely warm place to come, put your feet up with a cuppa and have a chat -  that's my big ideal for the blog, a sort of community, like what Sprinkle of Glitter has achieved :)

If you'd like to do this TAG, I invite you all to do it, leave the link to your post in the comments below :)

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  1. Don't be critical of yourself! Your blog is fab!!! xx

    1. Completely agree!! Love your blog :) x

    2. Thanks both :) But on the flip side of that, it's being overly critical that motivates me to improve :)

  2. Babe I agree with Callie you have an awesome blog and are doing great. I know you love what you do and I love your honesty. Just keep up what you are doing, look at me I don’t even have half your followers but I am proud of my little blog I get to write about the things I love. We express our thoughts about products life fashion and it is there for anyone who’s interested and has a little time to read it.

    Yes I do dream to have a lot of followers, but I guess I have a lot to learn still and hopefully I will get there little by little. I am proud of you and your accomplishments and totally agree with you that we are all here to support each other and be proud of each other’s accomplishments not to be negative and talk negatively about others.

    Great post, sorry I feel like I wrote a letter :)

    Leslie xx

  3. Thanks for doing the tag my sweets,great answers and never put yourself down it's fab!!

  4. Great post, I'm loving reading these tags, I did it on my blog too!
    I love how honest your answers are, totally agree with everything you've said! xo

  5. Great answers Georgina. I think i know exactly what you mean by saying it's hard "to try and not compare myself with other bloggers." Since we all want to give our best, we sure do compare and evaluate how our own blogging is going. But probably that's a normal process.
    But in the end, if we help each other, we all benefit from that.
    So just "relax" and keep on doing your great posts ;)


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