Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Week 7 summary - 100 day spending challenge

Hey guys!  It's hard to believe it's 7 weeks in already.  After having a strong start, then very wobbly middle to the challenge, I feel that I'm getting stronger again :)  What helps though is that I won a giveaway (over on TheBlackPearlBlog) - I won the Beauty Chamber/Neve giveaway (yay!) where I got to pick £25 of Neve makeup, which I had on Saturday (after winning it on Friday, talk about speedy!).

I picked the Elegantissimi neutral palette, a Pastello lip liner (which if you check my YouTube tab you can see me sporting it in my latest video!) and they sent a lovely Eco Tools angled liner brush too :)  I know this isn't a review post but let me just say, I've used the Neve Elegantissimi palette for the past two days and I'm seriously impressed - mostly matte, but also some light shimmer shades, massively pigmented and a really good size of product too - watch this space for a full proper review :)

As for things I've been lusting over, nothing really major this last week... pretty much nothing actually :)  YAY!  Oh and although I think it goes without saying, just to clarify, I haven't bought any makeup or anything naughty over the last week either :)

Yay for having a good week :D

How's your spending ban going?

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  1. ohhh lucky lady! Glad you're going well on the ban! Keep going strong xx

  2. Lovely palette.
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    If you want feel free to like my page in order to keep you updated about new giveaways from worldwide.

  3. I look forward to a review! Looks gorgeous xx

  4. I have the same palette =)
    Im so happy you chose italian products
    Hugs from Milan xx

  5. Winning giveaways definitely help. I have won a couple and if I hadn't of won them, I think I would have slipped up way more :) its like little treats <3 You definitely deserve everything you have won for your efforts!


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