Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Week 8 Summary - 100 day spending challenge

Can you believe it's 8 weeks!?  I feel like I start all of these with the same 'omg it's xx weeks already!' but it's true, the time is flying by!  So, what's the last week been like I hear you say?  Well, good and bad.  Bad because it was a stressful week, good because I didn't buy anything I shouldn't and other than when I was at the #bbmeet in Bristol on Saturday, I didn't crave to buy anything :)

Of course, at the #bbmeet we were given lots of goodies which always helps!  But I really really do want to buy the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation - this is a craving that just won't leave, so something that's made it onto my shopping list for the London meetup in April.  Luckily Hannah from Midnight Violets kept me on track at the #bbmeet :)  The only things I bought when I was there was some bath stuff from lush, i.e. bath bomb, bubble bar etc - these are things I've allowed myself on my ban just to keep me sane!

Remember last week when I was saying about how lucky I was to win a giveaway to spend at Beauty Chamber (had the Neve palette)?  Well, I only went and won another one today!!!!! I know, the luck is seriously on my side right now, which really helps with the rubbish week I had last week :)  I won Tattooed Tea Lady's milestone giveaway - which means, I'll have a Naked Basics palette in my grubby paws soon :D

So, they're all the beautiful things that have been on my mind this week - I can see me having to make these purchases once I'm off the ban since the crave for lots of these isn't waning :)

How's your week been?

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  1. You are doing SO well! Am so impressed! I have failed miserably at mine x

  2. I am really impressed with these spending bans xx


  3. I honestly don't think I could do a spending ban - I have no self control! xx

  4. You are doing so well. Well done. xx

  5. My wishlist is basically the same as yours at the moment. I'm dying to get my hands on the Nearly Naked foundation and a couple of Apocolips, but I've decided to extend my ban until I go on holiday in June so, it'll have to wait I guess! Keep up the good work hun <3

  6. The Korres lip butter and RT Core Collection will be worth the wait - I love them both! Well done hun you're doing so well xx

  7. I broke my spending ban last week and bought the Nearly Naked foundation - and I love it! But it will wait for you until your ban is done!

    Elspeth xx


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