Thursday, 7 March 2013

One outfit to rule them all

Often I catch myself browsing the pages of fashion magazines and websites thinking 'if only'... if only I had the money to wear all those nice clothes, and if only I had the figure to do them justice!

I often find myself shying away from buying clothes in stores and opting for online instead, places that specialist in the more curvaceous of figures :)  But I found out not too long ago that New Look do a plus size range called Inspire (an excited colleague rather excitedly told me!).  Around Christmas time I ventured into New Look (instead of the usual shopping online) to check out their plus size collection and I have to say, I was pretty impressed!  I tried on a few things and didn't expect them to fit, but yanno what, they did!  I bought an owl hoodie (with cute little ears on the hood) and some cool black skull studded loafers.  Well as fashion changes from season to season, I did some more of my dreamy online shopping and put this outfit together - it's a bit of a 'I'm going out for cocktails with my friends, I want to look like I've made an effort, but not too much' sort of outfit :)  <-- I'd recommend saying that in a false fancy accent too :)

1.  Brown and Silver mixed stud bangle stack, or as I like to call it, oooh pretty strappy bracelet! (£7.99)
2.  Inspire Shell Pink Sequin Boucle Peplum Top, or 'pretty peplum top!' (£22.99)
3.  Inspire navy skinny jeans - not really a better way to say that! (£12.99)
4.  Brown and Cream Crochet Panel Bowler Bag - awesomely pretty bag! (£19.99)
5.  Black Chunky Lace Up Heeled Work Boots - these lace up ankle boots actually remind me of ones I used to wear to school all those years ago! (£29.99)
6.  Yumi black bow knitted cardigan - I added this in as an alternate, so, if it's cold, this would make the outfit look cute :) (£37.99)

They're my picks, I hope you agree it would make a cute outfit :)  I really might treat myself to the peplum top, really like that :)  I'd like to do more posts like this, sort of style related, would you be interested in seeing more of these?

What was your favourite piece from my selection?

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  1. Love the outfit, especially the cardi xx

  2. love the bag - it's so pretty! :)


  3. I particularly like the peplum top I have to say I'm not a fan of the boots a bit too chunky for me but lots of people love them this season.

    Our new look is big in Aberdeen but the inspire range is fairly limited. Being wide hipped but smaller up top I quite like their skinny jeans which I pair up with knee high boots xxx. Nice post chum xx

    1. Yeah - the peplum top is super cute, I've never tried one one, I think they'll be really flattering so I'm going to give one a try, perhaps this one :) I really like chunky boots too :)

  4. Absolutely love the boots - I'm a boot lover anyway and those are really funky! xx


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