Friday, 1 March 2013

Review: Inika eye liner

Just a quick little review for you today :)  This is again one of the many goodies I received at the #bbloggersxmas event in London.  Inika kindly gave us this eye liner and a mineral eye shadow (review to come!).  So it's fair to say I've been using this a while and thought I'd share my ramblings with you on it :)

My Thoughts
As you guys know, I'm a real sucker for Chanel, but I have found myself reaching for this regularly.  There's a few reasons I really like it - first off, it's not too black, now I like a really black liquid liner but when it comes to khol, I like something slightly more gentle as I only put it on my waterline.  It's also pretty long wearing, not as much as a waterproof liner, but it lasts pretty well.

It has really good pigmentation (which you can see in the pic above), that was just me drawing the heart once and normally - no extra effort needed.  It's pretty soft, but not crazy soft like the Maybelline Master Drama (which I actually don't really like that much - boy oh boy does that stuff collect up in the corners of your eyes!), but soft enough that it doesn't drag the skin at all.

It's certified as organic and from what I can tell (read the ingredients) it doesn't contain any parabens and is cruelty free - everything a girl wants to hear :)

Where to get it: On the Inika website here
Cost: £13.50
Would I repurchase? Yes - it's a good product fairly priced.

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