Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Little Bubble Co - Vanilla Biscuit

One of the things that was in my goodie bag from the Bristol Blogger meetup, was this mahoosive shower gel in Vanilla Biscuit (believe me, it smells as good as it sounds!).

They say "The Little Bubble Co Biscuit shower gel should be massaged over skin whilst in the bath or shower and let the cheeky bubbles kiss your skin with softness. Rinse and towel dry."

The Scent

Let me just get this out there, the scent, is scrum-diddily-umptious!  It smells like a combination of vanilla (duh), and the base of a cheesecake (insert 'buttery biscuit base' joke here).  It smells so good that I literally want to drink it - but of course, I have some self control and I'm not stupid, so I don't.

The Product

Well, this is where I don't 'rave' about it.  It's good, it gets you clean and leaves your skin feeling soft, but it's nothing new, pretty much all my shower gels I've ever tried do that.  So, it's not bad, it's just nothing new, which is fine, but I wouldn't go buying it thinking it's a revolutionary product, but I would absolutely buy it for the scent alone, it's soooo gooood!  And for a lowly £2.99 it's hard to go wrong.

Where to buy: Boots, Waitrose
Cost: £2.99
Would I repurchase: Yes - I'd really like to try the Mango Delight and Strawberry Sundae :)

What's your favourite scent from The Little Bubble Co?

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  1. This sounds great! Will be adding the to my to buy list! X

  2. This sounds so nice, I've never seen them in Boots will have to keep my eyes open x

  3. I find it a bit too sickly xx

  4. Glad your liking this, I think this one is my favourite scent! The others aren't far behind though!!xx

  5. I loved the smell of this when I bought it! One of the few things about having to get up for a shower at 5am for work! xx


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