Friday, 29 March 2013

Tropic | Body Love Butter Cream

Body butter is something that can either be perfect and exactly what you expect it to be, a lovely buttery melty lotion that makes your skin lovely and soft, and smelling great, or it can be a complete and utter disappointment - a rubbery texture that's a lot of effort to blend into the skin.

Over the past I've tested a lot of body butters, and have a pile of 'Yay I love it!' and a pile of 'Never to be used again', the question is, which pile did this one fall into?

Body Love butter cream* - 100ml £15 and can be bought on their online store

They say "A naturally nourishing Buttercream enriched with...

* Silky Jojoba & Macadamia oils to smooth & soften
* Rich Cocoa & Shea Butters to intensively hydrate
* Skin loving Vitamin E to rejuvenate & protect
* Active Sea Kelp extracts to firm & improve skin elasticity

Infused with notes of Lemon Myrtle & Orange Blossom essential oils for an uplifting, bright & seductive scent.  Ideal for use anywhere on the body and the perfect antidote to dry hands or feet."

My Thoughts

There are two key things I look for in a good body butter, firstly it needs to do what it says and feel like a butter, I expect it to melt as I blend it into my skin and have a butter-like consistency.  Secondly, I expect it to smell amazing and leave my skin smelling great all day.

This my friends, did both.

Let me describe the scent for you - the main scent is Lemons, then you'll smell the macadamia with the shea butter to make a really beautiful and fresh scent.  So many body butters are sickly sweet smelling to the extent that you wouldn't want to smell of it all day, but this is a lovely balance of citrus and shea butter, and not overpowering.

As for how it makes my skin feel, really lovely.  As you blend it in you feel the buttery texture melt and almost go slightly oily, which is immediately absorbed into your skin, leaving you with lovely soft skin.

I do have one hangup with this though, and it's the price/size balance - if this was £15 for 200ml I could live with that quite happily, but £15 for 100ml seems a bit steep to me.  As much as I loved it and have thoroughly enjoyed smelling of sweet lemons, the price tag does put me off a bit.  There is a silver lining though, it's only £5 more for the 200ml, making the 200ml much more appealing and much better value for money.  I will say this as well, it does feel very luxurious and would definitely earn itself a place amongst other high end skincare brands.

Where you can find it:  On their website, you can also find them on facebook and twitter
Cost: £15 for 100ml (or £20 for 200ml)
Would I replace? Yes, but not the 100ml, I'd go for the 200ml for £5 extra.

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  1. This sounds totally divine, the description makes me want it xx

  2. That sounds amazing and it is fantastic that it is cruelty free!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind review. We are glad you liked it. Please see the site to find out more or to get your own tub of loveliness!

  4. I love body butters! They feel so much nicer than regular lotions on my extra sensitive dry skin. Lemon and macadamia sounds like it would smell auh-mayzing.


  5. I've been hearing so many good things about this brand - I really do need to try them out!

  6. So amazing! This is the best way on this product. We are glad to your valuable product. This blog is rite so quite. Thank for Body Butter.

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