Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Week 11 Summary - 100 day spending challenge

I'm so close to the end of this challenge now, I just want it to be over, then I can say 'I did it' without cheating!  Just 3 weeks left, 3 small quick short weeks and I'll be done.  Then I'll be in London five days later meeting the lovely Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady and a cacophony of other lovely bloggers I'm excited to meet!  And, it'll be my birthday so I'll be celebrating and treating myself to a Longchamp bag <3  Now that I can't wait for !

So how's this week been I hear you ask?  Really rather ok!  I've not been too tempted by anything, my wishlist remains the same but I'm not craving things to a ridiculous level any more.  One great thing that did happen was last Tuesday, we went to a Benefit cosmetics blogger event and as well as being given a few lovely things to try out, I won a couple of nice things too!  So things like that have really kept me going.

I did have to buy some makeup today (well, it'll be yesterday by the time you read this!), but it's not for me, I needed some blue eyeshadows as I'm being a bit of a makeup artist on a photoshoot tomorrow evening (so... tonight!) and I need to be able to smash them up :p  So, I don't think that counts :)

Here's a few pics from my week <3

All in all it's been a really great week, if the next three weeks are as great, I'll have nothing to worry about :)  Plus, I'm really proud that I've made it this far without cheating :)

How's your week been?

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  1. I want to try the Korres Lip Butter, all of the flavours sound so lovely xx


  2. Wow I couldn't have done this challenge even for a week! Go you! Lovely post and great photos :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


  3. Well done, so close to the finish line! x

  4. Well done, you are such an inspiration :) you genuinely inspired me to start mine, although it is only 95 days! I have done a review of the Nivea Primer.... http://daisydreamsof.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/night-day-beauty-regime.html it is such a good product :) xo


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