Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Akamuti Skincare

At the beginning of the year I set myself a challenge to try and feature more blog posts focussing on local Welsh skincare brands, but with the 100 day spending challenge it's proven to be a bit of a nightmare, seeing as I can't actually buy any of these products.  Luckily for me, Akamuti were ever so sweet and sent me a couple of products to try out and review, I've been using them for a while now, so thought I'd share my thoughts with you about them :)

Akamuti is a brand based in Llandeilo focussing on natural and organic skincare.  This is what they have to say about their products "Every product we make is handcrafted from start to finish from individual ingredients by real people (not machines!) We start off with chunks of beeswax; slabs of tree butters; loose herbs, barks, resins & flowers; jugs of golden oils & aromatic distillates. We then infuse, filter, melt, pour, strain, mix & stir to create beautiful creams, moisturisers & butters for you to enjoy at their best. Absolutely no chemicals are added at any stage! Everything is made in small batches to ensure you receive your products as fresh as possible, with as much shelf life as possible."

My Thoughts

First off - for an independent small company I didn't have very high expectations for the packaging, but I was really pleasantly surprised with these, especially the bottle of rose water :)

Rose Water £6.50* - this is by far my favourite of the three products.  Not only does it smell lovely, but it leaves your skin with a lovely soft velvety finish.  Personally, I've been using it after using a hot cloth cleanser to remove my makeup, I then put some of the rose water onto a cotton pad and sweep it over my face.  It removes any last residue of makeup left and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean.

Sweet orange facial cleanser £7.00* - this smells amazing!  If you like the smell of oranges, especially really sweet ones, you'll love this.  Warning though, this is oil based.  It's not a cleanser to remove makeup, but one to cleanse the skin leaving it hydrated and smelling great :)  I removed mine with cotton pads, but you will need quite a few.  Hot water should work pretty well as well, then just finishing off with cotton pads.

Green clay face mask £4.96* - there's two ways to make up this face mask, first is just with normal water, which will make a lovely mask, and the other way is instead of water, to use the rose water.  Not only does this make the mask smell lovely but it makes for softer skin after you've taken the mask off.  It's easy to make up and dries well on your skin.  After the face mask, my face was left feeling lovely and soft, I think making it with the rose water helped :)

I really liked these products, and love even more that they're local and handmade.  I'd definitely recommend to have a look at their products, I've been really impressed :)

Where you can find these: On the Akamuti website
Cost: Very reasonably priced (above)
Would I replace? Yes :D  I'd love to try the Chocolate Marshmallow face mask next :)

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  1. these sound lovely and great that they are locally made x

  2. These sound fab! I especially like the sound of the rose water x

  3. Love the sound of the rose water, I've heard that it's good if you have acne prone skin as it's soothing - definitely something I need to look into as my skin is horrendous at the moment :/

  4. a chocolate marshmallow face mask you say !! IM SOLD !! x

  5. I bet that rose water smells amazing xx


  6. I would love to try the rose water, it just seems a little bit pricey!



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