Thursday, 11 April 2013

Dr Organic mositurisers

Back in February I went to a blogger meetup in Bristol and when we were there, we were given some pretty awesome goody bags, and some of the products in those bags were these lovely affordable creams from Dr Organic.

One of the things I love about Dr Organic is that they're a local company (Welsh), and I love supporting local brands/businesses - something that has been a goal of mine this year, but being on the spending ban has made it nearly impossible to start so far :)

Dr Organic day and night cream

Moroccan argan day cream
"An intensive nutritious daily treatment based on Organic Argan Oil enriched with Arganyl. A light and ultra absorbent cream that improves firmness and tone as well as hydrating, smoothing and moisturising the skin. Nourishes deep into the skins epidermis and protects against cell damaging free radicals. immediately after application, facial features appear visibly smoothed."

Coconut oil night cream
"A moisture surge overnight rescue with Organic Virgin Oil. It improves firmness and tone and protects against cell damaging free radicals. It is ideal for a deep penetrating overnight hydration. Leaving the skin more supple with a youthful appearance, stimulating the contraction of collagen fibres and protects the skin support tissue."

Dr Organic day and night cream with prices

Dr Organic day and night cream

My Thoughts

I've been using these for a while now after abandoning my usual skincare routine, I wanted to use them together (the day cream and then the night cream).

They both feel really luxurious but have completely different consistencies.  The night cream is very thick whereas the day cream is softer, more pliable and quicker to absorb.  Both smell lovely too :)

Whilst they both absorb well, smell good and haven't broken me out, they're not groundbreaking products either.  They're good and for the price they perform really well.  They didn't break me out or cause any negative side effects, but I can't put my finger on whats holding me back from saying they're amazing.  Maybe it's that, my old moisturiser was amazing and only £5, these I'd say are as good, I just think my old moisturiser (Nivea pure and natural day cream) has set the bar pretty high, which I suppose is a compliment to these products, since they're doing the same job :)

Have you tried any Dr Organic products?  

Where can I buy them: Online on the Holland & Barratt website
Cost: Night cream is £8.49 and the day cream is £9.49
Would I replace? Yes, but I'd like to try more of their other ranges

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  1. Dr. Organic is such a great brand, thanks for reviewing these!
    I've tried their lip balms and the tea tree blemish stick, both of which are brilliant

  2. I used the manuka honey face mask for the first time last night and wow! My chin is currently broken out like crazy (thanks hormones) and this really soothed and smoothed it. I love that it's a local company too :) x

  3. The coconut one sounds lovely. I am a coconut addict :)

  4. These sound like they could really be something for me! Love argan oil and the effects it has on skin and I'm also a coconut addict :)
    Kristina xx

  5. Always wanted to try dr organic after seeing it in Hol and Bar, will have to keep my eyes open :)


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