Monday, 29 April 2013

Keeping it local - Hculture hairdressers

You may recall one of the things I wanted to focus on this year is supporting local businesses (focussed on skincare mostly), and after having my hair done by my local mobile hairdresser for the 3rd time I thought it would be nice to feature him on here too :)  I know this is quite a local post but if we don't support our local businesses they may not be here in the long run.

Let me introduce you to Craig from Hculture.  Craig started up Hculture back in 2007, but has been a hairdresser for the last 9 years.  He trained at Coleg Glan Hafran & Barry College where he now trains other aspiring hairdressers too.  His team both cover hair & beauty.

Here's some of Craig's work from his site.

My experience
So I've had my hair done by Craig 3+ times now.  First time was just a cut, but he did an amazing job, without me telling him he knew exactly what I wanted and gave me a great cut.  Second time I had a colour too, black with purple in it, it looked amazing!  He cut a side fringe too which looked great :)  This last time I had it re-dyed and trimmed.  Unlike a lot of hairdressers, he's not trigger happy with the scissors, I asked for a tiny bit off (like 1cm) and that's all he took off.

Then there's the little things.  He doesn't burn me with the hair dryer unlike every other hairdresser I've ever had dry my hair!  He listens to what cut & colour you want.  The dye he uses is Osmo which contain lots of natural ingredients :)  Lots and lots of great reasons to give them a try if you live in the Cardiff & surrounding area :)

Cuts from £18 for women (£14.50 for men)
Colour from about £33
Hculture also cover waxing, massage, brows, lashes and facials.

Where you can find them:
Website | Twitter | Facebook

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  1. I love your blog! Perhaps we could follow eachother? Let me know!I love how you support your local business!

  2. Lol, I've known Craig since he was born! Small world :)

    I looked at this post and was like "Omg, Lisa!" Slightly freaky there for a second.


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