Monday, 8 April 2013

My Holy Grail products

Over the last year or so of blogging, I've tried a LOT of products, and some have emerged to be ones I can't see myself being without.  For me, whether a product is high street or high end makes no difference at all, if the product is great, in my opinion that's all that matters.  So today I thought I'd share with you my stand out products that I consider to be my holy grail items :)

I won't go into too much detail as I've recently reviewed each of these items (I'll link them below) but these four beauties are all part of my daily makeup routine.  The Dr Jart gives a good level of coverage and a flawless dewey finish (matte with powder).  The No concealer concealer has fantastic coverage and a salmony undertone to help correct blueness under the eyes.  The Chanel ecriture liquid eyeliner is the best there is, end of.  You have great control over the brush, not too much product, and it's jet black.  It's stays put all day, and lasts a long time - 1 will last you around 10 months.  And finally, the beautiful Smashbox blusher in Chiffon - the most beautiful and slightly frosted blusher, it's not too glittery but gives the most beautiful glow to your cheeks.

These are my holy grail products, and all of them, I cannot recommend enough.

Find my full reviews here: Chanel Ecriture, Dr Jart BB Cream, No Concealer concealer, Smashbox blusher.

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  1. i adore smashbox blushes! xxx

  2. I just had a read of your Smashbox blush review, it looks like a great blush colour!

    Bump to Baby

  3. woah, the eyeliner will last 10 months?!!? that itself warrants the price! amazing I must check it out! xx

  4. I really want to try the Chanel eyeliner after reading all your raves about it :)

  5. Hi lovely - that Chanel eyeliner sounds amazing. I'll definitely be picking one of those up!

    Lots of love ❤

  6. I've been using sample sachets of the bb creams and I love it x

  7. really want to try out the eyeliner x

  8. I still want to try the No Concealer Concealer, my dark circles seem to be getting worse and harder to cover up! xx

  9. I'm crazy about the Dr Jart BB cream - one of my HG products too!

  10. i need to try out the bb cream, so many good reviews!

    1. Hi Jessica - I really cannot recommend it enough - it's seriously amazing :D

  11. This smash box blusher and I are going to have to become acquainted!


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