Monday, 1 April 2013

Smashbox blush rush in Chiffon

One of my recent re-discoveries is a blusher that's been tucked away in my collection for the best part of a year... I bought it last Spring when I went to buy the stripy limited edition Chanel one (but that ended up being nearly £45 and I just wasn't prepared to spend that much on a blusher.  So I walked around to the 'new at the time' Smashbox stand in my local Debenhams and found this little beauty.  For £18 (now priced at £19) I'd bought myself a bargain in comparison to the Chanel one, and until the last few weeks, I'd never really appreciated just how beautiful it really is.

My Thoughts

Other than the packaging looking pretty neat with a cute mirror that slides out in the back of it, this has to be one of the most beautiful blushers I've ever seen.  A lovely blushy pink colour with a frosted gold finish (kinda similar to NARS Orgasm, but better!).  I've been pretty much wearing this every day for the last month and I've barely made a dent in it.

When you apply it to your cheeks, the beautiful flush of colour will last all day - I at least find it'll last me from about 07:30 until about 18:00, and even then you'll still be able to see it, just not as pronounced as when you first applied it.

Ingredients wise, it's middle of the road, it has Phenoxyethanol in it, which is basically a faux-paraben, and it's number one ingredient is Talc, which isn't great either - but you know what, it's so beautiful I don't really care what's in it - yeah there's a couple of questionable ingredients but nothing that would put me off wearing it :)

All in all, I seriously love this blush and I'm giving it holy grail status.  It's stunning and these photo's really don't do it justice.  Next time you're near a Smashbox stand, do yourself a favour and check out their Chiffon blusher - I have no doubt you'll be as smitten with it as I am :)

Where you can buy it: Debenhams and Online on the Smashbox store
Cost: £19
Would I re-purchase?  100% YES!

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  1. Hey Georgina, I've never tried Smashbox blusher before, only their foundation which I wasn't completely in love with. I love NARS Orgasm though so I will definitely have to check this out!

    Thank you for sharing, lots of love girl
    Jayde Paris xxxxx

    1. Thanks Jayde :) It's seriously beautiful, but you need to see it in real life to see just how beautiful it is :) Let me know if you like it :)

  2. This is such a lovely colour x

  3. That looks like such a pretty colour x


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