Sunday, 5 May 2013

HD Brows palette

Back on the 15th April I went to the great #LDNmeet to meet a load of other bloggers and attend a She Said Beauty event afterwards.  Here we had our brows done by HD brows, Speckled liner by Illamasqua amongst other things.  And being super lucky beauty bloggers, we were given an HD Brow kit in Foxy in our goody bags (I was a little shocked!).  So, here's my review all about it :)

The shade I used on my brows was Dark Brown

My Thoughts

This is probably the most strongly pigmented brow palette I've used.  The consistency is really different from the Chanel one I usually use, this is much more powdery (the Chanel one is more waxy), and when you swirl the brush on it, I guarantee you'll pick too much up, so just dab the brush (and you still might get too much!), so remember to tap off the excess.

Although I have been using the darkest colour, I think I might start experimenting with the second lightest one.  I tend to try and match it to the colour of my hair, which I was trying to lighten a little from black to dark brown, so I can probably get away with either colour at the moment :)

The quality of this palette is amazing, it feels really well put together and unlike some eyebrow palettes, the brush that comes with it is really good quality, don't you just hate it when the brush bristles are all splayed everywhere?  Well, the one with this one is decent :)

They come in 3 shades, Vampire, Bombshell and Foxy.  You can pick them up online for around £20.

This months bigest pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Laura from A Scottish Lass



  1. ooooh this looks so good, I'm desperate to try it! great review :)

  2. I'm so glad you've done a post on this, i've been thinking about buying one of these palettes for ages!X x

  3. I adore this palette - the one from the blogger meet is actually the second of it I've owned. I use the Carbon for a slightly smudgy eyeliner look too! x

  4. Have wanted to try this palette for so long, but I figured I'll only ever use one shade from it! Although I wonder if the other shades would work well as regular eyeshadows! May have to use that as my excuse to purchase it haha ;) xx

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