Monday, 13 May 2013

Lancome Hypnose Star mascara

One of the hyped about products I really wanted to try when on my 100 day spending ban was the Lancome Hypnose Star mascara.  I know a few people who love and rave about it, so in true beauty blogger fashion I rushed out and bought one to see what all the fuss was about :)

They say "Intense Volume, Curled Lashes
The Star eye-look by LancĂ´me. Create show-stopping eyes with our mascara and dual-sided brush leaves lashes looking volumised and curled. A “Black Diamond” shade dresses lashes in a deep and glamorous intensity.

Start the mascara application by gently pressing the flat part of the brush onto the roots of the upper lashes, to release some product and define the eyes.
Then turn the brush to use the side with longer bristles and then glide it from the roots to the tips in a zigzag movement to ensure the texture is spread evenly. Use as much mascara as is needed to thicken and taper the lashes."

My Thoughts

When I first started using this, I wasn't impressed.  I found the wand made it difficult to get product onto my lashes.  But after a couple of weeks of persevering with it, I'm really really liking it.  You can see from the photos it gives you some pretty amazing lashes.  I found that one coat would be perfect, after that it can get a bit spidery, but you shouldn't need more than one coat :)  It's worth noting, in all those photo's I hadn't curled my lashes either and I have naturally fairly straight lashes, so they actually added a curl to my lashes, which is amazing and just as they claim!  It's so rare that a mascara actually does that for me too.

In my experience using it, it hasn't crumbled after hours and hours of wear, it stays put.  It's not too difficult to remove, certainly easier than Maybelline the Rocket and They're Real by Benefit.

This has become a bit of a 'go to' mascara for me which I really didn't expect, especially as I really didn't get on with it to begin with.  But it just goes to show with some of these things, if we persevere we might be pleasantly surprised :)

Oh, and who can resist the super pretty glittery packaging!? not me!

Next product on my Lancome wish list is their blusher called Blush Subtil in Rose Sable, it looks so pretty!

Cost: £22
Would I repurchase: Definitely, I'm a convert!

This months bigest pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Laura from A Scottish Lass



  1. Great review! I used the Lancome Hypnose original for a while and loved it, might have to give this one a go too!

    Stevie Hearts Makeup

    Stevie xxx

  2. I love Lancome and really wont try anything else now. Benefit can be good but I find their products dry out too quickly. The sets at Christmas are good value, £22 for the mascara and a mini eye make up remover and eyeliner x

  3. The fact that the tube is glittery makes me so happy! Great review! x Rena
    Kiss and Make Up

  4. I have the Hypnose Doll Lashes and love it!! It's a similar brush to this! M x

  5. Been considering this mascara for a while. I keep humming & hawing every time I pass Lancome. Great review! I might be tempted to purchase next time I'm passing the counter now! :)x

  6. Hi Sweetie - This is one of my personal faves - glad you liked it in the end :-) Hope you had a good weekend xxx Love me. A Scottish Lass ❤

  7. Wow your lashes look great! I've never really thought much of high end mascaras but very tempted to try this! I love the eyeshadows you have on too.


  8. Your lashes look great with this. I want to try this, Can never have too many mascaras


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