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My Thoughts #1 - Cosmetic surgery

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I like to think that this blog is a place I can talk freely and address different topics, despite it having the word 'makeup' in the title :)  So, this is one of those occasions when I'm going to talk about something a  bit different.  Before we get into it though, I do just want to say I'm not encouraging anyone to go out and get any cosmetic surgery or treatments, it's a really personal decision and I'm a strong believer that we shouldn't be influenced by anyone to make this kind of decision, these are just some of my opinions on the subject :)

My Thoughts
Being a 'bigger' girl, cosmetic surgery is something I've given thought to, I've been losing weight consistently for about a year now, and as much as I'm lucky that I haven't had any of the horrid excess skin issues happen, I wouldn't be surprised if as I lose more weight it's something I'm faced with.  So thinking about cosmetic procedures is something I've given a fair bit of thought to.  Also, being a beauty blogger it's only natural that I want to look my best in photo's all the time (without re-touching).

I've accepted that having a procedure might be something I'd consider in the future to combat any issues I face, as well as other less invasive surgeries like laser hair removal, chemical peels and microdermabrasion to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines around my eyes.

I'm a big believer in everyone being comfortable in their own skin, but many people, like me, don't and choose to have procedures done, as long as they've been made for the right reasons (for yourself, and not someone else) I say why not try to be the best you can be, whether that's through minor procedures or something more invasive.

One thing I'm always paranoid about and one of the reasons you won't see very many lip posts from me (yeah, I know I did one yesterday and one not long before that!) is because I have lots of downy soft hairs on my face, I wouldn't class myself as a hairy person by any stretch of the imagination, but when it comes to lip closeups, I do get very self conscious.  It's probably one of my biggest hang ups when photographing myself for my blog.  I don't airbrush anything out at all, the only edits I do to my photo's are cropping or adding text.  Occasionally I'll put a fancy filter on the main picture but that's it.  So laser hair removal for my face would probably be top on my list of things to have done.

So if you're considering one of these procedures please do make sure they're for the right reasons and make sure you research the clinic very well first to make sure they're reputable, after all, I wouldn't want anything happening to any of you lovelies ;)

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Written by Georgina Kent

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  1. I wouldn't say no to having something done in the future, being in the blogging industry I feel like we all want to look our best. I feel by having something done it will make me feel better but once it's done I will always find something else I want so I do think it could get addictive and exspensive haha! I have had my teeth whitened in the past for my wedding and wouldn't say no to having something like Botox in the future to keep me looking fresh. :)


    1. Teeth whitening is something I'd consider, my teeth aren't bad and I wouldn't want them holywood white, just whiter :P

    2. I had quite bad teeth before but I choose to whiten my teeth at home. It went quite well, I used a whitening pen from Stella white and got very good and affordable result. Try it out :)

  2. My first boyfriends friends used to call me 'trout pout' and ever since I've been so self concious of my mouth, even though people always tell me that people pay thousands for full lips like mine and that I should love them! I don't see it myself. I'm a lot happier within myself than I used to be, but I probably wouldn't rule out surgery in the future, but none of this botox/facelift malarky, I want to grow old gracefully!

    Sara - Pretty in Pink

    1. Also, I love your new graphic! You need to tell me all about it on twitter :D

    2. Thanks lovely :) In all honestly, I do think you have envious lips/mouth, but as we all know, we all have insecurities and things about ourselves that we'd change :)

  3. I can relate on the hairy-face thing. Mine gets a bit furry.
    I flirt with the idea of cosmetic surgery a lot, I actually did a bunch of research into the procedure I'd want. But the cost and the post-surgery pain puts me off. I'm too much of a wuss really. I love your views on it though, really mature and well thought out :)

    1. Thanks Katie :) Yeah the post-op-pain is a big put off for me too, but that just goes to show I'm obviously not that desperate to get anything done :P Hair removal or a skin peel I'd consider though :P

  4. Thanks for your honesty! I enjoy open-mindedness surrounding cosmetic surgery. It is such an individual choice. If it will truly make someone happy - how could anyone criticize that?

    I'm a new follower of your blog - love your layout by the way!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Personally, I got rid of my extra pounds and a tummy tuck procedure was needed. I chose Dr. Jerome Edelstein for it, because I knew that he is really good in cosmetic surgery and I wanted to have my desired results. My skin was so saggy, that only this procedure was useful. :)


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