Friday, 10 May 2013

Perfect lipsticks for Spring

Continuing with a happy bright theme on the blog this week, today I'm bringing you my picks for top bright lipsticks perfect for Spring :)  You'll have to excuse the photo's, believe it or not, it was so bright when I was taking them the camera was making the pictures darker!

For me Spring is all about bright bold lipsticks, ones that make a statement in their own right.  I tend to stray away from Wintery reds and berries and move towards hot and soft pinks.  You can see from the swatches these are really well pigmented and have a nice gloss to them.

MUA Shade 3 and the Bourjois Violene Strass are my favourite shades.  Funnily enough though, despite me having a substantial lipstick collection, lipsticks are what I wear the least!  I always tend to go for the safe option, which is a smokey eye with a bold liquid liner, soft pink cheeks and nude lips, usually with just lip balm on.  I find it hard to go out of my comfort zone with these, but for the days I'm feeling brave, these are the shades I'd opt for :)

Despite my issues with MUA's customer service, their lipsticks are amazing.  For £1 each you seriously will struggle to find fault with them.  What lets them down are the ingredients, but this isn't just them, but most cheap makeup will have less desirable chemicals in them such as parabens.  But you know what, even high end stuff has that in them, it's a bit of a minefield if you're trying to avoid them!

Whats your favourite lipstick shade for Spring?

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  1. Pudgy Peony and Pink Fizz will look so beautiful in spring/summer! <3

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

  2. I have MUA shade 2 - i love their lipsticks!!

    Toni xx |

  3. Pudgy peony is my favorite. I love the chubby sticks!

  4. MUA 3 is absolutely beautiful x

  5. Love MUA 3 - looks really pretty :)

  6. You've picked some great lipsticks. Love MUA Shade 3, it's gorgeous xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter and Sparkle

  7. nice blog!!

  8. MUA shade 3 looks so nice! oh my gosh! I need to get it! great review :) xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up

  9. I'm really intrigued by that Clinique Chubby Stick. It looks like the perfect "I just ate a popsicle" kind of colour.


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