Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Revlon Lip Butter: Candy Apple

The lovely divine Laura from A Scottish Lass was super sweet and send me some Birthday presents last month and this little baby was one of them :)  Thank you Laura!

It looks a lot darker than it is in this picture, it's not really that dark ;)

My Thoughts

It's no secret that I'm a great fan of the Revlon Lip Butters, Lollipop being my favourite colour :)  The quality of this is exactly what you'd expect from those who've come to know and love the Revlon lip butters, it's buttery soft with decent pigmentation and lasts pretty well.

What I like most about this colour is that it's not to OTT, it adds a nice balanced splash of colour and hydration to your lips without overdoing it - perfect for the day/work :)

I know not everyone is a fan of the lip butters but I really like them and this is a lovely addition to my growing collection, welcome number 5 :)

What's your favourite lip butter shade?

This months bigest pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Laura from A Scottish Lass



  1. This is absolutely gorgeous :) x

  2. This is really really lovely xx

  3. The color looks so gorgeous on you ^^
    and it looks so moist

  4. I love this on you! I really like the lip butters too, I think my favourite is Berry Smoothie. I don't really have any of their redder shades though and this doesn't look too scary! xx

  5. I love the lip butters that shade looks super pretty :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. Gorgeous shade - I have on in the shade 'pink truffle' but I am not in love with these x

  7. Great review, I still haven't tried any lip butters, I keep getting tempted by the nude shade but then remind myself I have so many nudes. I think it may be about time to invest!!!

    Stevie Hearts Makeup

    Stevie xxx


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