Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My first China Glaze polishes

Back a few weeks ago I was contacted by a site called Beyond Polish to see if I'd like to try some of the polishes they have to offer.  Since they had a bunch of polishes I'd not tried and they delivered to the UK (from America) I thought I'd give it/them a go :)

This is part 1 of a 2 part post, this part is all about China Glaze :)

** probably should have said this is an image heavy post **

My Thoughts

Wow that was a lot of photo's!  Excuse any dodgy or messy nail painting!  So, my first China Glaze polishes, what did I think?  Well, first off the 'Son of a Peach' - now the camera really doesn't pick up just how fluorescent and neon this shade is! It's like colouring in your nails with an orange highlighter :)  For both Son of a Peach and Too yacht to handle the first coat is very streaky.  But, if you apply a fairly thick 2nd coat they look near perfect.  They last pretty well, about 2-3 days on fairly weak nails (aka mine!).  The surprise was the holographic shade 'When stars collide' - only one coat needed for this badboy, didn't both to do 2 coats as 1 was enough!

So, I was a little disappointed at how streaky one coat was of the other two, but given that they looked great with 2 coats that made up for it :)  They all lasted well and looked super pretty on the nails :)  Now, here's the bit I really like.  As I said at the top, they're from an American site and as you can imagine shipping isn't cheap ($18), however, the nail polishes are so cheap, that even paying the shipping charge, it's still cheaper than buying them over here!  Once I'd made my picks, they were here in about 1 week.

I've also got 3 Zoya nail polishes of theirs to review (coming soon!).  You can pick up the China Glaze polishes on their site for under $5 each (lots are around the $3.50 mark) here.

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. Ooh I love sun of a peach! I'm going to America this summer will have to pick some up cheap over there! x


  2. Love When Stars Collide, pretty colour xx


  3. I've never heard of this make, but I love all these colours!

    Charlotte xx

  4. Love that last colour! And thanks again for last night hard work! So please with the pictures

    Daisy Dayz
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  5. The colours are gorgeous!

    Great post :)



  6. These are such fab colours, I love the green one most, so trendy and cute!


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