Thursday, 20 June 2013

My nail saviour

Pretty much all my life I've had weak nails.  I've always bitten them, and bitten them down really low.  But since I started blogging I've tried really hard to stop biting them - and as much as I don't want to jinx it - I think I might have kicked the habit.  The problem I'm left with is really weak nails, especially my right hand as I'm right handed.

My nails were getting so weak they were just splitting and tearing all over the place.  Nail varnish wouldn't even last 24 hrs before starting to chip.  So when I was in Boots picking up some new nail varnish remover, this is what I picked up :)

My Thoughts

I'd tried the Sally Hansen acetone free remover before and really liked it, I love the perfume scent it'd leave on my nails so they didn't smell of horrible remover.  When I went to pick up the usual acetone free one I saw this little one sitting next to it and as it's for weak nails, thought I'd give it a whirl :)

Well it's been about a month now and my nails are the strongest I've ever known them, no kidding.  Nail varnish, even cheap stuff doesn't chip on me for a good 3+ days - I've literally never had nails this strong in my life :)  The only different thing I've been doing is the remover (as well as a crystal nail file, but I've been using that for a long time now).

Have you tried this before?  Did it work for you?

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. This sounds amazing! I have exactly the same problem with weak nails, which probably isn't helped by the fact I wear nail polish all the time, but I use the Cutex moisturising nail polish remover and I find that really helps, and also the Acquerella detox set which I would recommend because it does wonders! Great post, I think I will try this when my Cutex one runs out :) x

  2. Wow this looks great - I'm definitely gonna get myself some next time I'm in town :)

  3. Wow, thats pretty impressive for a nail polish remover! x

  4. YAY! I'm going shopping tomorrow and will definitely pick some of this up! I have the exact same problems. Thanks!

    Steff Xx

  5. I love Sally Hansen nail polish, so I will definitely try the polish remover!

  6. Sounds like a great product ! :Is this only found in the UK ?

  7. great post!

    - Janine

  8. I definitely need this! Thanks for sharing. Hx


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