Saturday, 15 June 2013

What a week

Hey guys, it's me again!  Well, I've had a nice week off from blogging and I'm raring to get back into some lovely posts for you (big shout out and thanks to the guest bloggers who have featured here this week) - I've actually spent the morning photographing ready for reviews for the next week, so there's lots to look forward to :)  But while I'm editing them and writing up all the posts I thought I'd do a bit of a week summary since the last week - 10 days have been a bit cray cray!

The ladyboys of Bangkok

So kicking it off on Monday I went to see the Ladyboys of Bangkok.  Now, when I was invited by the lovely Terri Lowe my initial reaction was 'err no thanks' but then I looked into it & the pics and had a think and thought that if I could find someone to come with me (hubby was an insta no!) it could be a good laugh.

So I asked my friend Vicki who agreed to come with me, whoop!  So off we tottered after work on Monday after the hubby and I went for dinner to Bellini's for the first time (super yummy & great service!).  I have to say, I had a great time!  The ladyboys were awesome, and apart from 1-2 of them, you'd NEVER know they were born men, they were stunning!  If you're interested in seeing them, have a look at their site to see where they're going to be next :)

Bauhaus Haircut

Leaving work and on route to the hairdressers
Dye on the roots and reading some mags :)
After the cut - loving the side fringe and styling :)
After an hour outside in the rain and crazy wind, the good work of the hairdressers was gone!
Next up is Wednesday.  I booked in to have my hair cut and coloured at a local independent salon called Bauhaus.  There are many reasons this place rocks, first off the music - I was serenaded by the likes of Jimmy Hendrix & Led Zepplin, offered lots of lovely cups of tea and for once, didn't have a reaction to the hair dye (unlike the time Vidal Sassoon gave me a chemical burn on my scalp, yeah, thanks for that!).

It's a pretty alternative place, with the hairdressers being adorned in piercings and tattoos (my kinda place!).  My stylist was amazing - she didn't over cut my hair - this is one of my fears, trigger happy hairdressers.  What's also cool, the chap sitting next to me was getting dreads done, sweet!  The products they used were a mixture of Aveda and Bumble & Bumble (one of the main reasons I picked them).  I had a cut, dye and treatment and it came to just over £90.  A haircut is under £40, for the standard of stylists that's pretty good prices, not super cheap and not sillily expensive :)

If you're local and want to give them a try, I'd highly recommend them - here's their site and here's for keeping it local :)

Other bits and bobs

I've also bought a couple of bits this week - bits for my next giveaway which will launch when I hit 1500 subscribers via GFC and 1000 on Bloglovin'.  As a teaser there'll be products from Ted Baker, MAC, Maybelline, Rimmel and Real Techniques up for grabs (as well as more!).  I've also picked up some new nail polishes - one to note is the Essie top coat.  My OPI one went really gloopy and wouldn't really set properly, and as there wasn't much left in it, it was getting difficult to use anyway - either way, first impressions of the Essie are really good :)  Full blog post to come soon!

This week I also watched the documentary 'Marley' on Bob Marley - such a good film, especially if you're into reggae (like me).  I've actually watched it 3 times now :)

And tomorrow I'm going to be doing some filming for my YouTube channel with Charli... exciting times!

Anyway, that's it for now, see you again tomorrow with a new blog post :)  Oh I thought I'd mention, this is my 400th post :)

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