Thursday, 18 July 2013

July Birchbox

** Quite some size difference compared to the NARS Orgasm blush **

I'm a big fan of Birchbox, I love their branding and usually their products.  This month, despite there being some decent stuff in there, I'm still left feeling a little jaded.  For me the biggest disappointment was the theBalm blusher - I was so excited when I heard they were going to be included  but my excitement subsided when I saw the size of the sample.  Now, I'm not expecting it to be full size, or even half size, but this is so small it'll be a struggle to get any product on my brush, let alone evenly.  *** EDIT - I tried this out this morning, and it was actually ok to work with, a little difficult but I managed to apply it evenly (it looks lovely!) ***

Anyway, on to the rest of the products, which are actually quite nice (not that theBalm one isn't nice, it's beautiful, just a little small).

Blanc Cachemire | Full size £54.75
This is a 15ml sample of a lightweight moisturising cream.  They suggest massaging it in small circles into your face, neck and decollete.

Dead Sea Spa Magik | Full size £7.70 (surprisingly reasonable!)
This is a silky smooth body lotion.  I applied some to the back of my hand, it felt creamy and luxurious and smelt really lovely.  It absorbed quickly leaving my hand feeling really soft.

theBalm Instain blush in Swiss Dot | Full size £21.50
They say "A silky powder that fits all complexions, blends seamlessly and stays all day" and to "dust over the apples of your cheeks".  Both the product and the packaging are really pretty.  I

VitaBella | Full size £59.00
This is the product in the little bag.  Apparently you but the tablet thingy in a bowl, add the 'oil', wait for a few mins and then apply it to your face.  Will be interesting to see what this one is like :)

Reverence de Bastien | Full size £12.00
This hand cream smells lovely, an almost 'spa' like scent.  I put some on my hands straight away, it absorbed well, left a slightly greasy residue which soon disappeared - this will be making it's way on to my desk at work ready for when my Aveeno (review here) runs out.

So that's my July Birchbox.  For the most part I'm happy, just a little disappointed with the size of the blusher.  But saying that, I would like to see more makeup samples in these boxes, I do feel like it's usually 4 skincare items and 1 makeup (if you're lucky).

What did you get in your Birchbox?

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. I love seeing inside of these! The balm blusher looks so so cute, perfect for handbags and such a lovely shade!x

  2. The balm blusher looks quite a disappointment. Are there any boxes that just do make up? Maybe one of them would be better. I've subscribed to a craft box and I think it's so much cooler!

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. I'm loving the look of your blog at the moment Georgina! The size of that blusher though!! Still a great little sample even if it does take the extra work.


  4. This box looks lovely, theBalm blusher is so teeny and adorable! Although like you say, a bit impractical. Love your blog, your cat is so cute! Looks just like mine :)

    Kat x Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

  5. Great post! I canceled birchbox but this is pretty good!

  6. Such a beautiful box. I always get beauty boxes and cancel them when they have good things coming out haha.


  7. I would be more inclined to subscribe to one of these companies if they did one that was only cosmetics... I don't like to change my skincare up very much. I'm glad you were able to get the Balm blush to work for you! :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  8. Ah I know what you mean about the blusher! Its rodiculously cute yet really really tiny!! .. Im with you on wanting more makeup samples!! Luckily
    I recieved a decent sized foundation sample this month ( and shockingly a near perfect match!!) :) xx


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