Monday, 22 July 2013

Pixi3 loves - Megan Jane Jewellery

Teapot £4 | Matching up earrings £3.50 | Dish earrings £1.99 | Milk jug necklace £4

I can't quite remember how I discovered Megan Jane Jewellery - but oh boy am I glad that I did!

I immediately loved her cute jewellery and swiftly placed an order for some cute little cup earrings & some little dish earrings.  All the jewellery (that she currently has up) is made out of dolls house china that she turns into little adornments.  The earrings came within a couple of days and were only £1.50 (plus P&P).  I loved them and started wearing them straight away - the first day I did, I had 5 compliments on my earrings, 5!  The next day I wore the little dish earrings, they were a little harder to work with as they were pulling forward a little but they looked really cute.

I really wanted to pick up up a couple of the necklaces too but I wasn't keen on the gold chain (I'm not *that* into gold) so I tweeted Megan and asked if she'd be able to put them on a silver chain - she replied straight away with a yes, and set up a custom order for me.  Just like the first time, the package turned up just a couple of days later and I couldn't be happier with them.

Megan has been so lovely and I adore her jewellery - I highly suggest you check out her lovely blog and the jewellery she has for sale, it's all so reasonably priced!

I think a silver bracelet will be next item to go in the shopping cart :)

You can find Megan here: Blog | Twitter

This months Bigest-Pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Stacie from Life is worth the fight

Written by Georgina Kent


  1. These are so cute. That's great that she put them on silver for you, flexibility is great when building up a good relationship with customers.
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Aww I say the tea cup earings when you posted them on instagram and loved them the rest of your little collection are so cute too :)

    Thanks for sharing Megan's links :)

    Leslie xoxo

  3. So so cute! I love quirky jewellery! Definitely going to check out the links xx

  4. This is all so cute and really well priced! x

  5. These are so cute! Love them <3

  6. these are such adorable pieces. wow.

    - Janine

  7. These are just adorable! :)

  8. Oh wow they are gorgeous! I love the look of the teapot, so cute!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  9. The earrings are really cute. I own myself a pair of tea cup earrins & they always are a big eye catcher! :)



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