Monday, 5 August 2013

Model Co - Dannii's Colour Essentials

To say I have a love hate relationship with this set is an understatement.  One minute I can't stand the eye shadow, how it's such poor quality, the next minute I find myself caught up in how beautiful it is once it's applied and how well the three colours compliment each other.

It's taken me a while to get around to writing this post for that very reason.  I'm finding it hard to decide if I like it or not.  And to be honest, I still haven't really decided.  So instead of me waffling on about how I can't decide, I'm just going to start talking about it.

In the kit you get 4 base products - an eye shadow trio, a kohl eyeliner, a bronzer, and a double ended lip gloss/lipstick.

The eyeliner

Pretty thick, and pretty creamy, very well pigmented, this is my favourite of the set.  It lasts pretty well on the waterline, and tightline and is a nice deep black, not like the blacks that seem to create a sheer line when you apply.  I love that the lid has a sharpener in it too, so useful, I'm always losing my sharpener!

The bronzer

At first sight, this was one that I didn't like - I'm just not keen on shimmery bronzers, plus the packaging feels pretty cheap and naff - not one for your bag.  It's not orangey or anything like that, just shimmery.  But, after playing around with it I realised it was actually pretty ok.  The shimmer didn't translate to anything noticable on my face but did contour pretty well.  It's a pretty solid formula, so you can really swoosh the brush on the product without picking up too much.  So, not a bad product at all.

The lips

Let me just say, this smells awesome!  The scent is like... strawberry or raspberry ice cream, like a raspberry ripple - it makes me want to nom it up!  Both the gloss and the lipstick smell the same.  Both products are really nice and decent quality.  There's also a handy mirror on the side in case you need to touch up your gloss on a night out - however, as nice as it is to have a mirror, you'd really need it for the lipstick, but that wouldn't work as the mirror is on the bullet part of the packaging, so rendering it useless for applying lippy.  The gloss is really pretty with a delicate shimmer.  It lasts well and in my opinion, is worth it just for the scent!

The eyes

I was hoping that by now, after writing about the other products I'd have made up my mind on what I thought about this... but I haven't.  So, I'm going to continue to love and hate it.  First off, what I don't like.  Similar to the rest of the products, the packaging feels a bit naff.  The shadows themselves are poor quality, with a lot of fallout.  They're not very finely milled and they're very soft.  Now, what I liked.  If you use the sponge tip applicator (they don't apply so well with a brush!) you can create a really pretty look.  Use one side of the wide sponge on the lightest colour on the inner third of your eye.  Take the other side of the sponge and apply the middle shade to the middle of your lid, and then the narrow sponge end on the darkest colour on the outer V of your eye and in the crease.  Then, take a fluffy brush and blend, and just run it all over to soften.

The three colours compliment each other really nicely, and do create a really pretty look.  I just think there are better trio's and palettes out there for your money, I hate to say that, and because I was given it to review, it does make me feel like I'm being ungrateful.  But I wouldn't want to say it was great, when I don't think it is.  Will I use the trio again?  Maybe, but probably not.  If I was given this as a first piece of makeup, I'd be over the moon, I think it's a great starter kit and super cheap, and if you ruin it practicing how to apply makeup, it's not too expensive to buy a replacement.

You can pick this up for £5.99 here.  They have put that it's worth £120... I struggle to see how when the quality just isn't there...

Have you tried any Model Co products?  Other than the eye liner that was in a recent Birchbox?

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. For £5.99 it looks pretty good... like you say I don't think it's worth £120. I bought the Lash Fibre Kit but really didn't like it in all honesty!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  2. It looks okay for £5.99! I really like the look of it but if the quality isn't great there isn't much point. I like the look of the eye liner though :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  3. The lipstick shades look amazing so pretty x

  4. Ah for the price its not too bad at all, i love the lipstick shade! x

  5. The eyepencil looks really great and the eyeshadow trio has pretty colours, it's just bad that the quality is poor :(

  6. I love the colours of the's probably the only product that I would use. Pity that the quality is poor. :(

  7. I've tried the lipliner before and an eyeliner from other subscription box services, and they were decent. I do like that the sharpener is in the cap. I find that very handy. I wouldn't be expecting high quality packaging from something with such a cheap price tag, though.


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