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TAG: The One and Only

The one and only tag by One little vice
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Hey lovelies, I've been tagged by the lovely Angelica from One Little Vice to do this TAG, and to be honest, I don't often do TAGs unless it's one I really like, and well, this one I really like :)  So without further ado, here we go :)

The Question: If you could only have one ______ what would it be? And, in a few words, why?

This would have to be the Nivea Express Hydration primer (review incoming), it's like a moisturiser and primer in one, but the consistency of a Nivea moisturiser.  It absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave an oily residue.

Base Product
Easy, Dior BB cream - it's oh-so-good!  It does all the things I expect out of a foundation/BB cream - it gives decent coverage, very good looking skin and without looking like you're wearing anything (on your face that is, haha!), and what's more, after about 10 mins, I can't even feel it on my skin if I touch my face.

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer - it's so good! It covers pretty much anything and lasts.  It's a heavy concealer that sets beautifully, it's such a cult product among beauty bloggers, a must in anyone's collection, and it's only £5.

I'd have to say the Maybelline Fit Me powder, it's not cakey at all, it really helps keep me matte and it sets my foundation really well.

Blush (cream or powder)
This is a toughie!  I really do have a soft spot for Blushers... hmm... if I could only have one... it'd probably be the Bourjois cream blush in 03, it's so pretty and looks absolutely beautiful on cheeks.

The Body Shop Honey bronzer - it's beautifully light and not orangey at all, it works really well with pale skin too.  When I contour with this, people actually comment thinking I've caught the sun.

Probably MeMeMe's Moon beam - it's so pretty and has a slight pinky colour to it, perfect to sit on the top of your cheek bones right above your blusher.

Make-Up Brush (single)
This would have to be my Bdellium bambu large eye shadow brush - I could do without all other brushes at a push and just have that one.  It makes applying eye shadow really easy :)

Eyebrow Product
My HD Brows kit in Foxy.  Historically I'd have said my Chanel brow palette, but not any more, the HD brows one is just a bit easier to work with.

Eye shadow (single)
This is an easy one, MAC's Satin Taupe, especially as I've been wearing it for the last few days!  It feels like every time I wear it, I get a compliment on my eyeshadow (seriously!), it's such a pretty colour, it lasts well and has next to no fallout.

Chanel Ecriture liquid eyeliner - it's the best, it rocks, next question.

Probably Maybelline Rocket Volum.  It's good for volume and length, but more to the point it stays put and doesn't budge until you take it off, and even then it doesn't want to go!

Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Lip Stain
Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet - every girl needs a signature red, and for me, this is it.  It's a new addition to my collection, but what an awesome one!

Lip Liner
The Neve pastello liner in Crimson - it goes beautifully with the Red Velvet Velvetine.

Lip Balm
Korres lip butter in Guava - it's so lovely and tastes slightly sweet, perfect for everyday wear without adding any real colour (which is what I typically opt for).

Nail Polish
OPI's Suzi and the 7 Dussledorfs - for me, it's the absolute perfect purple, super pretty and goes with anything.

So there you have it, my answers.  I hope you enjoyed reading them, and if you're reading these words, you're also TAGGED!  If you do this TAG I'd love for you to leave your URL to the answers below so I can read them too :)

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. I loved all your answers! There's a few of your choices that ive been wanting to try for ages and ages (Mac's Satin Taupe and Maybelline's Fit Me Powder to be specific). I also have the HD brows kit in Foxy and I uses to use it every single day haha - I got mine from a beauty box last year, I think it was the only mega useful item that beauty boxes ever brought I to my life. Xx

  2. Really enjoyed this post. Mac Satin Taupe was my first Mac eyeshadow along with Jest, nearly 5 years ago!!

    I would love to do this tag but not sure how? I'm fairly new to blogging so some things still baffle me!! Any help would be appreciated!

    Sam x

  3. I absolutely love your blog, because of my love for blogs I started my own, but I feel that I'm failing miserably at it, any help?

  4. I love this tag, definitely will be doing this one myself!x

  5. Loved reading this! I would have to agree with Satin Taupe -- that eyeshadow is magical!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  6. Such a cool tag! :) Great answers

  7. Satin Taupe is definitely a neutral shade I need to get my hands on! xx

  8. Great answers, I've done the tag too if you want to have a look :) xx


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