Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rimmel ScandalEyes eyeshadow paint

A picture of rimmel scandaleyes eyeshadow paint

A few weeks ago I was perusing the shelves of Superdrug when I was steered in the direction of the new Rimmel ScandalEyes eyeshadow paints by their friendly staff.  Much like the Maybelline colour tattoos, these are a liquid/creme eye shadow that you can either wear alone, or as a base for eyeshadow. Personally, it has to be as a base, my lids are far too oily to deal with anything that comes in a liquid form without primer and shadow.


Ladies and gents, I give you, the swatches.

the cream shadows swatched on my arm, blended and from the applicator
UD Sin with Rimmel Scandaleyes
UD Toasted with Rimmel Scandaleyes
UD Hustle with Rimmel Scandaleyes
UD Creep with Rimmel scandaleyes
UD Gunmetal with Rimmel scandaleyes
Swatches of UD Ace with Rimmel Scandaleyes
Scandaleyes with doe foot applicators
** Don't mind my arms looking patchy, for some reason when I take photo's in HD mode it makes my skin look mottled... very odd! **

I wanted to do some different swatches with these, since I use them as a base, I thought it would be good to show what they're like with different colour eyeshadows over them next to swatches of them by themselves.  I used Urban Decay for all the swatches to keep things consistent.  It's also worth noting that for every swatch of the shadow by itself, I am using a primer.

On to the products!  I started off with just the brown shade (Rich Russet).  It's a beautiful shimmery brown much like On and on bronze (or Bad to the bronze if you're in the states) by Maybelline.  The main differences are, this one dries faster and isn't as thick.  Be careful though, it sets really fast on your lids, so either be ready to blend with your finger, or if you're like me and use a brush, have that on stand by and just to one lid at a time.  On the strength of this one, I went back and picked up Slate Gray for the days that I want something a bit deeper and more smokey.

They really help the intensity of my shadow, and more to the point, they really don't crease quickly, it's only after a good 9-12 hours that they start creasing which really isn't too bad.

You can pick these up for about £4.99 each depending on where you get them from and if there are any offers on.  I know at the time of writing this, Superdrug are doing a 'buy one get second half price' offer.

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  1. Have you tested them when worn alone? I've had a bad experience with this primer that was horrible by itself but actually decent under other eye shadows.

    Beauty By Telie

    1. Nope - with eyelids as oily as mine wearing a creme shadow alone just isn't an option - I always use it as a base and put eyeshadow over the top to set it :)

  2. I love the look of Rich Russet, especially when its blended. I also loved seeing them under eyeshadows, makes me think how many different ways I could wear a product like this xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Yeah I love that about creme shadows, so versatile!

  3. I'm wondering when we're going to get these in the states! They look really cool!


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