Friday, 25 October 2013

Recent empties #2

recent empties

It may not look like much, but these are my recent empties :)  I have lots and lots of other products close to finishing so hopefully my next empties post won't be quite so short :)

Method handwash
I discovered this about a year ago when watching MissGlamorazzi's vlogs on moving into her new flat (now old flat!) - she'd bought loads of method products but I'd never seen them over here.  Then a couple of months later my local supermarket started stocking them, so of course I grabbed some!  I'm really glad I did, I've been buying it ever since, now I have all different scent handwashes, wood polish and an all purpose cleaner - I know, I know, this isn't the exciting stuff you usually come to my blog to read, but it's used up so I'm sticking it in here :)

Happy Hair Days argan oil shampoo
I cannot say enough good things about Happy Hair Days - they're not very expensive (about £5 each) but they're amazing for your hair.  They're free of nasty chemicals and full of good ones :)  This is my 4th set of their shampoo & conditioners, I absolutely love them, their coconut & marshmallow on is my favourite :)

This needs no introduction - it's my second large bottle I've managed to get through - it's amazing at removing makeup and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft, simples.

Pantene conditioner for coloured hair
Oh my was this hard to finish! It's an extra large bottle and just didn't do my hair any favours.  When I was using this shampoo & conditioner my hair just felt so dry.  What I did like though was how it made my hair smell, I've always loved the scent of Pantene.  But sadly, not one I can imagine repurchasing.

Tropic body love body butter
This I really loved.  It's one of the few body butters that actually feels like a butter, and to top that it smells amazing, like zesty lemons.  My problem is I have so many body butters it's hard to get through them and ever finish any off, but it was really easy to get to the end of this one :)

Macadamia hair mask
This is my last little sachet of this wonderful mask, but fear not, I have a giant tub of it now!  Managed to find it at TXMaxx a couple of months ago for about £25 (great price!).  I use this every Saturday morning as part of my Saturday morning pamper shower (I look forward to a good pampering all week!) where I use all my best products, feels like a great way to start the weekend.

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  1. Oh I really want to try the Macadamia mask!

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. I really want to try the Macadamia mask - my hair is in such awful condition at the minute! I think this could really help x


  3. I need to set myself a project 10 pan, I hardly ever have empties to show. I agree with you on Pantene, those and Dove shampoos just make my hair dry. I like L'Oreal instead.


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