Saturday, 26 October 2013

Spending ban

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After starting 2013 by doing the 100 day spending ban, I've decided to end 2013 on one too!  The only difference is, I have no idea how long this ban will last, it'll finish when I've managed to save up about £700 - once I hit that target, I'll be able to buy my DSLR (most likely the Canon E600), a good lens and a tripod.

I've gone a bit crazy with the old makeup shopping recently, so this is quite timely, especially as Christmas is coming soon.  I do have some rules to get me through the next few months or however long it ends up going on for, which are;

1.  I can only buy beauty items to replace something that's run out and I don't have a suitable replacement.
2.  I'm allowed to keep my monthly subscription to Birchbox.
3.  I can buy 1 magazine per month.
4.  Presents for other people is fine.
5.  Products for hobbies is fine (i.e. wool for knitting).
6.  The spending ban ends when I've saved up £700
7.  I'll be doing weekly updates of how each week has gone, how much I've saved and what I'm lusting after.

Next is the most important thing - these spending bans are very hard, and what got me through the last one was the support of so many other bloggers also doing a 100 day spending ban.  So, if you'd like to join me in my spending ban, whether you're saving for a holiday, something special or just want to do it for a set period of time leave a comment below to either show support, or if you want to join in too.

If you do want to join in, I'll add each of your blogs to this post so we can keep track of each other :)

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  1. Hope it goes well & you achieve your goal soon (or as soon as possible)!

    1. Thanks lovely, I hope it doesn't take too long either :)

  2. Im doing one too! Ill keep looking here for updates! Mines just a flat out spending ban on spontaneous purchases!


  3. Good luck, to you and everyone else! I've been on a makeup ban for over two months, my ban ends on November 13th (five days before my 18th birthday). I've hit the 'nearly done, a little weakness can't hurt right?' stage but i'm still resisting.
    I'm also starting a ban on January 1st '14 to try and get out of the spending habit.

  4. I started my year with a spending ban as well, I was thinking about doing another one since I have too much stuff and not enough money! I might start one on 1st of November!

  5. Good luck and I hope you make it :) I would join in but I don't have any money to spend anyways :p
    Tiana x

  6. Oooh, I think I might join you on a spending ban. I'm wanting to visit my friend in Italy, and my laptop seems to be on its last legs! X

  7. I definitely need to join, I've been buying so much lately & I need to finish up my christmas shopping & need a wardrobe update asap! aha (: xx

  8. I'm on a beauty pending ban till xmas. So far OK but I really am not good on them! Good luck :)

  9. Its a great idea to have a reason for saving up :) good luck babe. I am going to do a ban in Jan 2014. xx


  10. I'm technically on a spending ban just now, but I keep buying little bits and bobs. oops.

    Good luck though! It should be easier for you since you have something in mind that you want to buy :)

  11. I'm defo on board, I'm saving up for moving out. X

  12. Good luck!! Send over some of your will power too! xx

  13. I'm definitely going to join in! I've spent far too much recently x


  14. Are you starting immediately? I'll join you, could do with saving some pennies :)

  15. I am doing a spending ban for the exact same reason! I really want a DSLR! :) Hoping to score a good deal around the holiday season with all the sales that will be going on! :) x

  16. Oohh good luck! I'm on a spending ban too xx

  17. I'm doing pretty much the same thing for a camera :) listing loads of things on eBay today.

  18. I'm doing one from October to June on my youtube channel:
    it's gonna be a tough one!

  19. I definitely want to take part in the spending ban too, I really need to and I'd like to save up for a DSLR too!

    Kimberley x

  20. I'd love to sign up, I don't have the will power to do it alone!


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