Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Fantastic November advertisers

The other day I turned the spotlight on to my Biggest Pixi3 advertiser, Srslylou.  Well today it's all about my other lovely advertisers.

First up, my Big Pixi3 advertisers, this month we have:

May I introduce you to MissDelirium or Karla, she has the prettiest blog and the loveliest FOTD and really great eyeshadow looks/tutorials :)  She's 23 and if I've read correctly, based in Norway :)  Her photography is great, super high quality :)

Next up is Sarah from 'Those Stars that Shine' - only 18 years old Sarah is one of my youngest advertisers :)  She has a great blog with a great assortment of posts - she writes great beauty reviews and also talks lifestyle posts - her most recent post is a Christmas gift guide and has some seriously great recommendations :)

And last but not least of my Big Pixi3 advertisers is the lovely Anoushka from Anoushka loves :)  She's also doing a spending ban, I feel her pain!  If you don't follow her already, you need to head over there now, say Hi and have a ready :)

I also have a Middle Pixi3 advertiser this month, the lovely Laura from Side Street Style - a fellow local blogger, husband and wife team with a lovely blog.  Definitely head over there and check them out :)

So there's this months wonderful advertisers, I hope you've managed to find a couple of new blogs to enjoy, I know I love them all :)

This months Biggest-Pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Amy from Srslylou


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