Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sinful colours nail polishes

sinful colours nail polish

Ever heard of Sinful colours?  For a long time they were a treat reserved for our friends over the pond, but a few months ago they launched over here in the UK, in Boots.  They're a budget nail polish brand who boast an enormous range of shades and all for the purse friendly price of £1.99.

I picked up a couple of their shades a few months ago and never got around to blogging about them. This shade is Folly, a pretty bright pink shade.

Coverage is quite decent, two coats is enough for full coverage, and with a decent top coat they'll look glossy for days.  They last fairly well, especially considering how cheap they are.  For your £1.99 you get a full 15ml, compare that to an MUA nail polish, just 6.2ml, less than half.

The biggest USP (unique selling point) Sinful colour have, is their massive shade range and with such great finishes in that, glitter, shimmer, jewel tone, cream - really fantastic.  The packaging is nice too, it feels really solid and not cheap.

If you're trying to make your money go further but don't want to miss out on little luxuries like nail polish, this is probably the best you'll get for £2.



  1. They don't stock these in any stores near me but as soon as I visit somewhere that does I'm going to be picking some up! They look so good. xx

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

  2. This is such a gorgeous colour!!

  3. I love Sinful Colors. I snatch them up every chance I get. They're always coming out with new colors and they're a good price for the value!

  4. Gorgeous colour. Im always drawn to pink polish even though I have so many already.
    I spotted the Sinful colors stand in my local Boots a couple of months ago & have bought a couple of blues & reds. They are really good value and their colour range is so vast. I will be popping bank in for more

  5. Love Sinful Colors, they are cheap but are better than some of the higher priced polishes. They last for about a week with a nice top coat which is nice as they are not chipping as soon as you put it on!! Really love the price and the color ranges that they have.

  6. I haven't bought any of these yet, which is a crime!! Seen so many colours I love from this range in blog posts xx

  7. I have quite a few of these polishes and love them! This is a gorgeous shade x

    Jordan Alice

  8. I think they only stock them in the larger boots stores. I have gotten a few of them from bargin/pound type stores and they last really well, I find that the Max Factor and Loreal ones chip so easily even with a generous top coat but these ones seem to last really well. The glitter ones have really good coverage and never seem to chip.

  9. love the shade you got! I have been loving Sinful Colors for years. They really are amazing!

    Pink Frenzy

  10. This colour is looks lovely, I am still yet to try Sinful Colours but I have heard great thing about them x


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