Monday, 25 November 2013

The pets post

Matilda rolling around on the carpet

Matilda on the bed looking cute
Matilda sleeping on the bed

Meet Matilda, she's 8 years old, a moggy crossed with British short hair (that's what gives her chubby cheeks).  We found her one day when we had popped into Morrisons to grab a couple of bits, as Chris was paying I went over to the customer information board and saw an advert for a black female 8 week old kitten.  I called the number straight from the shop but it went to answering machine, so I left a message and my number.

Then later on I was at home, napping on the sofa while Chris was cooking dinner when my phone rang, it was the people from the advert, they said she was still there and no one had claimed her :)  I was super excited and 1 hour later we were there at their house ready to see her.  I'll never forget when they brought her out of the room, she was so tiny and scared - I put her straight on my shoulder and cuddled her.  The people who had her were an older couple and their grandson was allergic to her. The saddest thing was that they'd already had her for a couple of weeks, which means she must have been separated from her mummy when she was too young :(

Fast forward 8 years and she's a super healthy and much loved kitty.  She can be quite... lets say naughty!  Sometimes she decides she wants to death grip Chris' feet, or become all bitey, but that's usually when she can see the bottom of her food bowl :)

She still gets really playful, and often when we come home from work she spends 10 mins tearing around the house like mad!  Some of her favourite spots in the house: sleeping on the bed between my feet every night, sleeping on one of Chris' t-shirts that he's left on the bed, the arm of the sofa, or sprawled out on the conservatory floor soaking up the sun :)

So that's my pet, Matilda.  In my opinion she's the most beautiful cat in the world - and sadly, black cats are the least adopted in the world :(  People are often too suspicious :(

Tell me your pet story in the comments below :)

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  1. She's soooo cute! Being a crazy cat lady myself I wish I could adopt all the cats that are homeless.
    Matilda is very cute. Such a lovely post xx

  2. She's adorable, I find it strange that black cats are the least adoption as they are gorgeous and so smart, xoxo.

  3. Matilda is a beauty.
    I adopted my cat from the local shelter when I was a volunteer. I love her so much!

  4. Aw what a beauty, ive got three boys (I did have 4 but one went missing in March *sobs*) and I adore them all x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. Awwww she is so cute! I have a cat too, a giant fat one called Homer who does nothing but eat, sleep and try to sneak on my bed :) he absolutely stinks though, and is a bit of a meanie hahaha. He's such a character though I'm a massive crazy cat lady!

    Hannah xx

  6. She looks just like my cat.

  7. Oh my goodness so cute! I have 4 cats and absolutely love them - even though they are all very naughty! x


  8. So cute, what a lovely post :)
    I am the proud owner of three crazy cats! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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