Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Brand focus: Camden Town

A slightly different post from me today, one featuring a brand and some of their lovely products, it's a bit of a brand wishlist!!!  The brand is called Camden Town - they cover mens & womens fashion, accessories and some really beautiful furniture.

Their devoted to promoting original, talented, emerging designers in all fields from fashion to home decor with the aim to bring the outstanding talent and design that reigns in the busy streets of Camden Town in London.  They wanted to reflect the different and unique styles from around Camden Town, from vintage and bohemian to gothic and punk - you'll see this echoed throughout their collections.

I took a peek at their accessories and home decor, and was quickly drawn to a few items:

camden town table
I really adore this cute desk - I don't adore the price so much, but when it's handmade furniture it never comes cheap - lets face it, it's a far stretch from flatpack laminated furniture :)  This desk would look stunning in the corner of my lounge with my laptop on it.  This would also be a great for a kiddy's play-station, albeit a fancy one, but at least with a glass top everything is wipeable! 

camden town skull earrings
 I'm quite partial to the odd skull, especially if it's jewellery!  These skull earnings look awesome, they're solid silver (which means I'm not allergic to them) - and also available rose gold plated (awesome).  For solid silver £60 is a pretty fair price, it's not exactly a cheap metal.  I know these would look awesome with my red hair :D
camden town nebula necklace
I'm not sure what it is about this pendant, but I'm so drawn into it - the colours (I adore purple) remind me of a mystical view of the galaxy, it's so pretty!  At £10 it's an affordable treat too!

camden town lights
They also have a really awesome section of lights - these really caught my eye especially as I'm looking for lighting for the nursery that we'll be putting together soon ready for when Squidge arrives and these would be perfect.  For £26 that's a really reasonable price too.  They also had a set of gorgeous set of sea turtle lights too - in fact, I might actually prefer them (they're the same price) :)

As well as selling some really unique and individual products, they also have a regularly updated blog covering things like current fashion trends, culture, relaxation - all sorts - even behind the scenes sneak peeks into their photo shoots (I loved that post!).  I love their dedication to keeping it updated and with lots of pictures (who doesn't love that?).

With such a range of products at a real range of prices, I think there's something there for most budgets and catering to eclectic tastes.  Have you purchased anything from them yet?

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  1. Love those skull earrings x

  2. The nebula pendant is gorgeous!! Love the colours in in. M xxx

  3. The earrings are pretty cool, I thought the wife would like them. When I saw the title, I thought this would be about the actual place Camden Town.


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