Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My hair saviours from Lush

Lush shampoo and conditioner - I love juicy and veganese

Lush shampoo and conditioner

Just lately my hair has been horrific.  Say I wash it on a Monday morning, by Monday evening it'll be starting to feel a bit lank and weighed down, and by Tuesday afternoon it's feeling and looking pretty horrid, heavy and greasy.  I refuse to wash my hair every day, and if I'm not going anywhere at the weekend, I'll leave it 3 days.

I've tried all sorts of shampoos and conditioners, John Frieda, Tresemme, L'Oreal and ultimately all led to hair in desperate need of a wash on day 2.  

I used to always get my shampoo & conditioner from Lush, but I found them to be quite expensive, you're looking at around £10 a bottle, but they're full of good natural ingredients and not with any rubbish in them.  When I used to use them, I never really had issues this bad.  So I decided to re-invest and see if they could work their magic again.

For shampoo I went back to my trusty I Love Juicy, it has lots of fruits in there and lemon which is great at cutting through the grease.  The great thing about this too, you only need the smallest amount to generate a good lather, I use about half the amount I would with other shampoos.  I can feel that it cleans my hair really well, leaving it ready for conditioner.

For conditioner, I've gone back to my old favourite, Veganese.  I'm not overly in-love with the scent, however, once rinsed off I can't smell it on my hair anymore.  There's lemon in there to help keep your hair shiny, and seaweed to keep it lovely and soft (I think it's the seaweed smell I'm not keen on).  Only real negative is that you need to use more conditioner than you feel you should as it is quite light and doesn't spread over the hair that well - it absorbs in fast!

Now for the important stuff, how it actually makes my hair feel.  Well, I still wash it every other day, but my hair doesn't look and feel awful on the second day.  The day I wash it, it has volume, but is still soft and has lots of movement in it.  Once again I'm not a slave to the horrendous grease that I was getting just 12 hours after washing my hair.

Thanks Lush for making such great shampoo's and conditioners.

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  1. I really want to try some of Lush's haircare products, I'm so gutted their shampoos all seem to contain SLS! :(

    Jess xo

    1. Aww I hadn't noticed this :( They are lovely though :P

  2. I haven't tried any of Lush's haircare though I would like to! Have you ever tried their dry shampoo? xx

    1. Ooh you should try some! Nope, that's something I haven't tried, it makes me nervous that it isn't in a spray, and with dark hair, white powder isn't always my friend :P

  3. I had a problem last week with my hair becoming just horribly dirty all the time. I'm not sure if for some reason I wasn't rinsing it properly but as I was drying and straightening it it felt like I hadn't washed the shampoo out properly, kind of greasy and lank and just yuck. Once I got back from my boyfriend's I whipped out my Lush Big shampoo and gave it a proper good salty clean and now it feels all lovely again :)

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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