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Nanshy brushes

Nanshy face brushes

Nanshy eye brushes

The last few weeks have seen my first forray into the world of Nansy brushes.  I've put them through their paces, trying them with lots of different looks, and the face brushes with different foundations and now's the time for me to tell you what I think.

When Nanshy contacted me about reviewing these, it was after reading my post about my favourite makeup brushes, and how I raved about my Sigma F80 brush, they were wondering if I'd like to compare their flat top brush to it, and maybe a couple of others.  Well, I don't like to turn down a challenge, especially if there's the chance I might discover a dupe!  A couple of days after this discussion, my Nanshy brushes landed on my doorstep.  

The Sigma F80 vs Nanshy flat top
The two brushes (to look at) are pretty much the exact same size and proportions, with the Nanshy brush bristles being ever so slightly longer.  As a result, the Nanshy bristles aren't quite as tightly packed in - now this isn't a big difference, only a small one, but something I noticed when applying foundation.

The Nanshy flat top brush blended in my foundation just as well as my Sigma, giving me a flawless finish to my foundation, working it into my pores and fine lines.  At £10.95* it's about £5 cheaper than the Sigma F80 too, making it a decent dupe.  But which did I prefer?  In all honesty, I still prefer my Sigma F80, not because there's anything wrong with the Nanshy one, but just because I prefer how the bristles are packed in with the Sigma (slightly tighter) which gives me the feeling of more control.  Is it worth the extra £5?  Probably not, but it's a personal choice and just a brush I tend to prefer the feeling of.

How did I get on with the other brushes?
Nanshy angled flat top brush - this is as good as the normal flat top brush reviewed above, but with the added benefit that it works well to contour with too (if that's your thing).  I found it was slightly easier to work with around the nose area and tricker parts of my face - a good decent brush.

Nanshy tapered crease brush - I do really like this.  Is it a replacement for my Bdelium tools crease brush?  No, but it has a different use, the brush is smaller so better at defining.  For me I reached for it to add some dark definition in the 'outer v' and blend in eye shadow under the eye if I was going for a smoky look - so yeah, it's not a replacement, but it's a great brush to have in addition.

Large shader brush - great at packing on colour all over the lid, not great for detailed work, but that's fine as that isn't what you'd use it for :)  If you're going for a look with 1 colour, or you need to add a good base colour to your lid then this will be great.  I did find however that if I was using a very glittery eye shadow, some of the glitter gets lost in the bristles, but hey, this happens with lots of brushes!

Flag definer brush - this is a brilliant brush - perfect for adding defined shadow under the eye, defining the 'outer v' or even if you're going to do a cut crease look, this would work well to segment the colour. If you're careful, you could also use this for your brows, but just use a dabbing motion otherwise you might get thicker brows than you want!

All in all a great set of brushes, and set at prices that compete above their league.  Yes, not every brush would replace my favourite but that's not say they're not great brushes - they're a great quality affordable alternative to some of the more popular or well-known ranges.

You can find a selection of their brushes on Amazon, as well as some brush sets.



  1. I am totally loving their sleek white handles!

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  2. Loving the look of the angled kabuki brush x


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