Saturday, 3 May 2014

Neal's yard wishlist

Neal's yard wishlist
Neal's yard is a brand I've never really given much thought to.  I knew they were about, that people loved them, and that we have a store here in Cardiff, but to me they didn't excite me.

But, on my boss's last day before she started her maternity leave she found a bottle of the Bee Lovely hand cream in her desk and gave it to me.  I have to say, I've been mega impressed with it!  It's really hydrating, creamy, thick, and since it's oil based the little residue left helps hydrate your skin for longer (but without leaving you with oily hands).

Then a couple of days later another colleague came in with a big bottle of Neal's yard shampoo (apparently it's her all time fav!) and she raved about it.  This got me thinking :)

Since my eczema breakout after the horrifying Yes to Cucumbers face wipes debacle, I've been craving good quality skincare, that's what has led me here, to Neal's yard.  After spending some time browsing their site, I found I had loads of tabs open and I'd created a wishlist without realising it - so I thought I'd screenshot them and share them with you :)

1. Wild rose beauty balm (sounds amazing!!!!) £37 - my face needs some TLC right now :/
2. Beauty sleep concentrate £31.50 - not getting much sleep at the moment so this would be lovely!
3. Power berry daily moisture £23.75 - my face salivates at the thought of this :P
4. Bee lovely bath & shower gel £14 - if this is as nice as the hand cream, I'd be awesome!
5. Frankincense & mandarin body polish £17 - body polishes are my favourite shower product!
6. Bee lovely honey soap £3 - honey soap & scents are some of my favourites, love the emboss too!
7. Mothers balm £19.75 - what all mums-to-be can do with, skin tightening & stretch-mark reducing :)

So that's my wishlist - would you recommend any of these products to me?  Or do you have a different Neal's yard recommendation?

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  1. That is a lovely list, I like the sound of the Wild Rose Beauty Balm x


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