Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Shopping the stash

Shopping the stash

When I was having my big makeup clear out at the weekend, I discovered some products I loved, but don't wear enough, or haven't tried out enough to be able to review them, so this week I picked out a few pieces for me to 'shop the stash' with for the next week or two.

Wet n Wild palette
Laura (A Scottish Lass) kindly brought this back from America with her last Nov time and apart from using it as soon as I got it, I haven't used it since, so I decided this needed some more love.  It'll go really well with the purple GOSH forever shadow stick I've got (as the base) - oh yeah, I meant to tell you, after the success of the GOSH forever shadow stick I reviewed the other day, I decided to go out and buy a couple of others shades so I have a base of it to go with any shadow colour I decide to wear :D  They were on offer for £3.50 in Superdrug, and buy 2 get 3rd free, BOOM!

NYX palette
I picked this up a couple months ago when they launched in my local Next shop, I thought this looked really pretty, but I think I've only used it once and I'd like to review it, so I'm going to try and use this more over the coming weeks too.

Bourjois bronzing primer
Literally bought this, loved it, used it for about 2 weeks and haven't used it in like 6 months.  I tend to wear bronzer very rarely, so I'm going to try and make more of an effort with this one.

Bourjois java rice powder
I adore this and forget I have it.  I love the packaging, this will be something I keep because it looks pretty, long after it should be thrown away :)  It smells great too - looking forward to using this again as my setting powder.

Tarte amazonian clay blusher
This is another gem Laura brought back from America for me that I haven't used enough, so out with my current blush rotation (MK blusher mostly) and in with this one!

Chanel single eye shadow in Gri Gri
I bought this from their Autumn collection last year, it's very similar to their Fauve shade, but with less mauve in it.  I actually had forgotten I'd bought this, I remember the quad I bought at the time, and started wearing it again recently, but forgot this - so it'll definitely be making an appearance on my lids once more.

NARS snake eyes gel liner
This is a bit of a multi-purpose product, you can use it as a base for your shadow, or as a liner - personally, I prefer it as a liner for under my eyes, it stays put really well, and it's like the darkest green (almost looks black) with flecks of green glitter in it.

So that's my stash shopped for the next couple of weeks, what's your favourite piece from it?


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  1. the NYX palette looks so interesting, I have never used such colors before, makes me wanna try it!



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