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Smashbox 24-hour photo finish shadow primer

Smashbox 24-hour photo finish shadow primer

Smashbox eyeshadow primer

After 12.5 hrs wear with the GOSH forever shadow stick - only *just* beginning to crease (this image was instagrammed at the time)

As you'll probably know, Smashbox are famous for their primers, specifically face primers.  So when I discovered they did an eye shadow primer I was super duper intrigued.  When I had a play with it I saw that it's quite a matte texture and very thick and heavy (as in, freakin' hard to get out of the tube!).

That aside, this is quite possibly the best eye shadow primer I've used.  I've always been Urban Decay for eye shadow primer since I discovered it existed, but unless I let the tube get to about a year old (to start drying) it creases on me in about 6 hours, even the Eden one (I'll be doing a review on that some time soon too).

So how does this compare?  Well, if you saw my GOSH forever eye shadow review, you might remember me mentioning this there.  By itself, it out performs Urban Decay by about 3 hours, if I apply the makeup about 7:30am, it'll crease about 3pm ish.  But, with the GOSH forever eye shadow, I get about 13 hours out of it before it starts creasing at all.

That's, freaking, amazing!  If you're not away, I have possibly THE oiliest eyelids known to man, well the right lid anyway.  Everything creases on it, and I mean, everything.  But, with this and the GOSH shadow, it doesn't.  My left eye doesn't show any creasing at all even when I take my makeup off after like 17 hours, but my right (oily) lid creases after about 13 hours with that combination.

So, as a stand-alone primer, it's very good, the best I've tried.  With the GOSH product, it's in a whole other league :)

You'll be able to buy this product later on this month :D

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  1. I suffered with oily eyelids for so long before I learned what a primer was! I am currently using the UD one but I might go have a play with this on a counter when that runs out :)

    Danniella x

    1. It's worth giving it a go :) It might not work for everyone, but it works well for me :)

  2. This looks really interesting! I love the UD primer potion but I'll need to give this a look when I run out

    Allison from

  3. Great review! I've been forever intrigued by Smashbox primers but am yet to splurge. I think a splurge is needed at some point ;-) xx

    1. I agree :) It'll be out in the UK later this month, it's just gone live in America at $20, so hopefully it'll be competitive to the UD primers :)


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