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Top 3 blushers for Summer

Top 3 blushers for Summer

I've decided to have a bit of a happy Summer-themed week this week, I've written up loads of post all about my fav products for summer etc, although not every post is summer themed :)  I hope you enjoy this week, don't forget to visit back every day as there'll be a new post every single day (trying to blog more often for you) :)

Today's post is on my top 3 blushers for summer.  I'm a bit of a blusher addict, I think that blushers are one product you can wear without any other makeup and it'll make a real difference to how you look, adding a bit of colour to your cheeks.  The same can be said about mascara (couple of mascara reviews this week too, one is perfect for summer!).

Now, if I'd been sensible and limited it to 10 blushers instead, you'd have had a bit more variety, but what you have here, are 3 stunning blushers, each would look amazing with you sat out on the beach, or sitting in front of a coffee shop sipping an iced latte *mmmmmm*.  As always, my pictures aren't edited other than cropped & with text added :)

Michael Kors bronzer in Flush*
Michael Kors bronzer in Flush
Yep, technically this is branded as a bronzer but I think we can both agree that this is a blusher, it's not brown, it's pink.  Ok, now we have that cleared up lets move on.  This is probably one of my all time favourite blushers at the moment.  Yes it's expensive, however you do get a LOT of product for your money, probably more than you could use in 2 ye (£34*)ars if this was the only blusher you used.  It's a beautiful dusky pink with a soft shimmer to it (no glitter).  It'll highlight your cheeks ever so slightly giving you a natural and beautiful glow :)

Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Natural
Physicians formula blusher in natural
When you see these pictures, they're going to look quite similar, so I've put a collage together at the bottom so you can see the subtle differences between each shade :)  This is a bit of an iconic blusher, my blogger friend Laura brought it back from America for me (whoop).  It works beautifully as a soft highlighter, or it's buildable as a blusher (how I'm wearing it) - or you could layer it up on top of your favourite blusher to give it a different dimension :)  Ever thought of doing that with different blushers?

 Sephora blusher in Healthy Rose
Sephora blusher in healthy rose
Back in January when I was in France I made sure I went to a Sephora, I needed wanted the MUF HD foundation (which is what I'm wearing in these pics).  While I was there, I picked up a couple of their own products, this being one of them.  It's up there in my favourite blushers ever, it's a stunningly beautiful shade that has a hint of coral.  It's not ridiculously pigmented so you're not likely to pick up too much product when you're swirling your brush in it - that's something a love, a firm blusher!

collage of blushers
Here's all the blushers side by side, it's a subtle difference but hopefully you can see their different qualities and subtle differences in shades.

These are certainly the 3 I'm wearing the most at the moment and the 3 I see myself wearing more and more as we move into the summer.  It makes for a gorgeous look just to wear it by itself with no other makeup, or teamed up with some mascara and eyeliner, or on a full face of makeup :)

I know to my UK readers this might be a slightly frustrating post, with 2 of the products being ones we struggle to get in the UK, but compared to a year ago, I have a lot more American readers these days too, so I don't want to just feature UK products (like I used to) - besides, there are ways to get hold of these like eBay, Amazon, blogger swaps and holidays :)

What's your 3 favourite blushers for Summer?



  1. Does anyone know any details regarding the Physician's Formula launch in UK? Some fuss was made of it quite a while ago but there are not details out at all like when it's going to happen or where they will be available.

    1. the only thing I can find is this post by lillypebbles

  2. the happy booster is my absolute all time favourite blusher , my holy grail of blushers , i managed to get it from a website called iherb xx

  3. They are all stunning, I love the look of the Physicians Formula one x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. It's really lovely - can be totally subtle or really buildable :)

  4. I like the middle one! I own one, and have done for 10 years! it a Bourjeois one! (ok thats not spelt right but I have no idea how it is spelt,a s it is spelt wrong to the actual word! Lol!)
    Two Hearts One Roof

    1. Oh Chantelle! You should throw away and replace blusher every 2 years, if that got in your eye, you could get a nasty eye infection :( Please replace it with a new one!


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