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Wantable makeup box - June 2014

June Wantable makeup box

wantable quote
 I love the card that comes holding everything in place, with a different quote each time <3

creme blusher and highlighter

loose setting powder

sheet face masks

brow powder

This months box was put together by Melissa Raymond, she's a YouTuber from the channel 'Melmphs Knows Makeup'. It's all about enjoying the heat and having a glowing complexion.  This month sees fewer products in the box than in previous months, but that's not necessarily a bad thing :)  As with every month, you receive 4-5 FULL SIZE pieces of makeup.  So, here's a look at what was in my box.

Vincent Longo - Brow Powder in Brunette $22
One half of this is a wax, and the other a powder.  I haven't tried it so can't comment on what it's like but I was impressed that they sent me a colour that's appropriate.

Eleece - Illuminous hydrating face mask $30
These are 2 sheet face masks, both in rose.  They contain Coenzyme Q10 serum which helps to protect your skin against environmental changes.  I don't know about you, but I really like sheet face masks, they give me 10 mins of me time to lie down and relax, they're much less hassle than applying a normal face mask too, so I'm looking forward to trying these :)

Tarina Tarantino - Dollskin cream blush in Mr Pink $28
I see Tarina is playing on her Tarantino surname here, with the blusher being named after a Reservoir Dogs film character, I like it :)  In the set you have a bright pink cream blush and a powder highlighter. The cream blusher feels lovely (when swatching), very luxurious, well pigmented and a lovely bright colour.  However, the highlighter felt like compressed glitter, not something I'd personally use.  I'm not a fan of having a powder product next to a cream product either, they always tend to get mixed up.

Mirabella - Perfecting powder $30
Described as a 'weightless setting powder' that gives you an instant glow (apparently) and has anti-aging ingredients in.  It's a loose powder (which I like), I'm looking forward to seeing how this does compared to my fav setting powder, the Japonesque velvet touch finishing powder.

All in all a good box, totally up to quite a significant value too ($110 = £65), not bad when you consider the box only costs ($36 = £21) - quite a good return :)

If you're interested in subscribing and giving it a go, you can subscribe here. - If a makeup box isn't your thing, they also do a jewellery box and an intimates box :)

What did you think of this box?  Have you tried Wantable yet?



  1. Cute box, some of these are fabulous, I was impressed when I had one a few months back. Im just not sure I would use any of this stuff x

    1. Yeah they're pretty great boxes - I think last months was my favourite, I'm still using lots of the products that was in it most days :)

  2. I really like the look of the Brow Powder. x

  3. Whenever I'm in the shopping mall there is always a small kiosk for Mirabella. I've never tried it since the sales people are always so pushy. Looking forward to a review though!
    Carolyn | BLOG


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