Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Crazy Cat Lady tag

Yep you read it, it's a tag and not one I created for a change :)  Given it's title, I thought it'd be purr-fect for me to do, and be a bit of fun for a Sunday :)  So without further ado, here's the questions and my answers :)

1.  Breed or stray?
Given that I've never owned a breed, I'd have to stay stray (or moggie).  Although, given how beautiful Matilda is, I asked the vet if they thought she had a breed in her, and they said it's not 'if' it's 'what' :) We all agreed that she's most likely to be half British Short Hair - so we really lucked out with her.

2.  Regardless of your previous answer, what would your favourite breed be?
If we had the money to buy a breed, it'd either be a British Short Hair (such a cute little face with chubby cheeks) or a Ragdoll :)  So cute massive and fluffy, although saying that, one of the things I love most about Matilda is how tiny she is :)

3.  Who's your favourite internet kitty?
I love so many of them, but it has to be Maru.  I love watching him power slide into cardboard tubes (like the cardboard wrap around a 4/6 pack of beer) and watching him jump in and out of boxes :)

4.  Favourite cat YouTube video?
It HAS to be this one, the kitty's meow SO much, they're SO hungry!!!

5.  Favourite cartoon cat?
This has to be Simon's Cat - anyone who has a cat will totally relate to this

As well as the awesome Simon's cat, I have much love for Party Cat - this is EXACTLY what my cat is like - it's a short web-comic and 100% worth having a look at :)  Here's the comic.

6.  Favourite cat in a movie, or movie scene with cats?
This probably has to be the cat in the film Amelie (one of my favourite films).  In particular, this scene where the narrator talks about the cats likes and dislikes (how they introduce Amelie's family) - his 'like' is listening to children's stories - how cute!!!
Amelie cat listening to stories

7.  Do you own any cat themed clothing or accessories?
Yes, but sadly not as much as I'd like - I only have these cute slippers I bought from Next at Christmas, as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them!
kitty slippers

8.  What's your kitty's name?
Matilda :) Not sure how we came up with the name, but it must have taken nearly a week to find a name for her, but once we found it we knew it was perfect :)
Matilda :)

9.  What's your cat's favourite toy?
I'm not sure she has a favourite.  There's a little plastic ball with a bell in it she likes, but most of all she likes our feet!  If we have just socks on or bare feet, that's it, deathgrip central!!!  She really loves cable ties too, she goes freakin' mental playing with them.  I'd actually forgotten about them, but she just leapt up and started playing with one :D They're dotted ALL over the house! 

10.  What's your kitty's favourite food?
She has 2 favourites, tuna in springwater (she goes MENTAL for it!) but she can't really have it anymore as she gobbles it down so fast she throws it straight back up (silly cat), and she loves her normal food, Royal Canin Siamese food - yep, she's not Siamese, but she suffers from the same problem Siamese cats have - they're all gannets and swallow the kibble without chewing it, and then throw it back up.  This kibble is bigger than normal and has a hole in it so they can start chewing it :)

11.  Is she/he a lazy one for a fierce hunter?
Well, she's coming up to 9 now, and up until about 2 years ago she was most definitely a fierce hunter! In the Summer we'd often have a mouse a day, she wouldn't kill them though and never ate them, she just liked playing with them.  What this meant was we had 3 mice living in our house for a while, 1 in the kitchen living on a box of miso soup in the cupboard, and snacking on Oxo cubes during the day and flaked almonds (I know...) and the other 2 were living inside the sofa, and stealing her food! Well, after we plugged in a mice repeller (emitted a high pitched sound that humans couldn't hear, to drive mice out) she had her sweet vengeance.  She killed the sofa mice that were living on her food, and left them by her food bowl :P  9 times out of 10 I'd manage to capture the mice and release them, but I wasn't always that lucky.

Strangest things she used to catch, frogs.  She loved them! She'd caught a couple of voles and shrews too, and the odd bird (including a massive bird that she somehow got through the cat flap!).

12.  What's her/his favourite activity?
Sleeping is probably the number one choice, then staring and chattering at birds out of the window. Ultimately she's happy as long as she's near us, she's a very homely cat and loves being near us, that's when she's most happy :)

13.  Name the last thing they broke or knocked over?
I think this is probably my makeup! When I'm at my desk doing my makeup in the morning, she loves being like a ninja coming into the room (silent) and then jumping up onto my desk to get to the window, usually resulting in her landing on loads of my makeup!

Thanks to Maria for creating this fun tag, if you want to see her answers, they're over here.



  1. We have three cats and you only have to mention prawns or tuna and they are meowing like mad!

  2. I love this =] I might do it for all my 3 cats

  3. Ahahaha, Matilda might be 9 but she's still a fun kitty! :D I think I will try out her cat food for my furrballs too, they sometimes forget to chew also. And Mary is cute too. Oh send my regards to Matilda!

  4. I also did the kitty tag today from Maria :D Matilda is GORGEOUS!!! <3

  5. Oh I love this tag! I'll definitely be doing it soon! My youngest cat is 2 today and I did the fury friends tag on my blog yesterday!

    Matilda is gorgeous!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  6. I'm not sure if it's better or worse bringing a live "present". I've had a few birds flying round the house (and my mum is petrified of birds; so that's always fun...).

    I think my favourite gift my cat has ever bought me has to be the half eaten pork pie she stole from a builder's lunchbox from his van! I couldn't stop laughing!! My other cat is more clumsy and doesn't tend to catch things living OR dead (or foodstuffs either...)

    Matilda is absolutely gorgeous too!



  7. Sleeping, ninja cat, feet, socks... sounds just like mine!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  8. What a great tag! Definitely need to give this a go myself!

    Petal Poppet Blogs ♥


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