Wednesday, 27 August 2014

MeMeMe Coral blossom cheek tint

MeMeMe Coral Blossom cheek and lip tint
** Excuse the slightly blurry pic **

MeMeMe coral blossom on the cheek - close up

MeMeMe Coral blossom on the cheeks
** Foundation-less face, just eye makeup and the cheek tint **

While I don't have a massive MeMeMe collectio, what I have tried from them I've always liked - like their creme shadow in Willow (stunning colour and really long lasting) and their Fat Cat mascara.

They're also pretty well known for their Benefit-dupes like their moon beam and beat the blues highlighters - very comparable to Benefit but for a fraction of the price.  So when this little beauty landed on my door-step, I was quite excited to give it a road test.

As with any/many tints, it's not going to be crazily pigmented, after all, it's a 'tint' and supposed to be subtle.  You can even use it to layer another blusher on top of, to give more depth and vibrancy (a little trick I learnt from Benefit in how they use their tints and blushers).

This, as it's called, is a beautiful coral colour and not over the top.  I had plenty of time to blend it in and create a beautiful soft sheen on my cheek that had a slight luminescence and glow to it.  It stayed put all day and had only faded a little when I came to remove it.

At £5.50*, it's quite a bargain and deserves it's rightful recognition as a great cheek (& lip) tint.

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*This post contains a PR sample

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