Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bedroom inspiration

Bedstar wishlist
On the poll I have on my blog I asked what kind of posts you'd like to see more of, and interior design was the top one, so you ask and shall receive.

We've recently re-done our bedroom, but it was on a very tight budget and it's a very small room. This post is more of a 'if I had no real budget restrictions and a bigger room' this is the kind of setup I'd go for.

First I picked a new bed, there's nothing wrong with ours, but it's 10 years old and was a real budget buy, so when I picked out my wish list furniture from Bedstar, I opted for this double metal bedstead which would set me back £715 - ignore the yellow, in my room it'd be purple, but if money wasn't a real option, I'd want something more opulent and grand, a bed that makes a statement like this one.

Over the years as I've got older, my tastes have changed from being into light coloured wood like IKEA's birch products, to darker wood - in fact, most of the wood in my house is now darker, at least downstairs.  If I had a bigger room it'd lend itself to darker furniture, but as it stands our room is too small to not only accommodate large furniture, but dark wood too.

All pieces of furniture I picked were from the Julian Bowen Minuet collection, all with a wenge finish - clearly I'm loving wenge as the bathroom we're in the middle of doing is a white suite with wenge too.  The bedside cabinet we picked was the 3 Drawer Bedside which is a very reasonable £122 and with really snazzy contemporary handles.

While the hubby is a fan of wardrobes, I'm a bigger fan of a good chest of drawers.  Most of my clothes don't need to be hung up, whereas the hubby has lots of shirts for work that need to be hung. For me, I picked the minuet 6 drawer dresser (£297).  I opted for this one over the taller 5 drawer as this would give me more space for my ever growing makeup collection on the top, and a nice mirror.

Finally, the wardrobe is from the same collection but the wider 3 door version (£525).  I love the colour of these, it makes them look so much older than they are.  Team it up with purple walls, a white fluffy rug and a nice big plant in the corner, oh and of course a massive bay window - and you're good to go :)

If you were imaginary shopping what would you pick?

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