Friday, 24 October 2014

Makeup Revolution Atomic lipsticks

Makeup Revolution Atomic lipsticks

Makeup revolution Atomic lipstick collection

Makeup Revolution Atomic lipsticks
L-R: Atomic Lipstick Ruby, Atomic Lipstick Make Me Tonight, Atomic Lipstick Make It Right, Atomic Lipstick Magnificent, Atomic Lipstick Serpent.

Today there's more new releases from the force that is Makeup Revolution!  These are perfectly timed for Halloween too - in case you're looking for some deep dark lipsticks to go with your outfit!

Each of these will set you back £1, so you could have the whole Atomic collection for £5!  Yes, some of the colours are a little out there, not shades I'd wear day in day out, however, the red is gorgeous and very wearable as well as massively pigmented - just look at that colour payoff!

Nostalgia time - back in the day, in the late 90s I used to wear a lot of proper purple lipstick, in fact it had a holographic sheen to it (looking back, it wasn't a good look), I'd team it up with a purple dress and hit the local night club (I was 18/19)... sadly, I don't have a picture to hand to show you, it's back at home, but trust me when I say it was a popular look at the time, maybe not so much now :P

*If* I get time, I'll try and do a Halloween makeup look before the big day and use one of these shades, I'll have to get my creative thinking cap on ;)

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  1. Your little nostalgia part reminded me of the brown shiney/shimmer lipstick everyone used to wear as well! I was only young but I remember it so clearly eeww! Great post though, I love the look of these lippies! x


    Glitter Infatuation - Bloglovin

  2. Ruby looks stunning! I hope both you and little one are doing well. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

  3. These lipsticks look amazing! My fave is Make It Right. Can't believe they're only £1! x

  4. They're incredible, aren't they? I knew those purples ones would be your favourite :D xx

  5. Yeah they're great! Haha yeah, so predictable :P

  6. I know, such good quality for the price!

  7. Yeah it's a gorgeous colour! We're doing great thanks :)

  8. Haha yeah - if I recall, they were Rimmel shades and called 'Coffee shimmer' and names like that :P I had one myself

  9. Even thought these are defiantly more for halloween I still love them! The purples were such a surprise me, can see why you love them!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. The creaminess of these lippies is just right and I love the neutral scent on my lips!
    ~Pauline @

  11. I love that red shade! You have to be brave to try the green lipstick, sadly I am not!

    Dannie x


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