Tuesday, 18 November 2014

His & Hers glasses from Specspost

Superdry glasses (Jet Star in pink)
When the lovely people at Specspost asked me if I'd like to review some of their glasses, I was really excited - I'd already happened to browse their site and been building a bit of a wishlist, since the glasses I had at the time needed updating and I didn't have Specsavers kind of money to spend on them.

After a bit of back and forth trying to find a pair that would fit me that was in the purple/pink spectrum, they suggested these beauties, this is actually my first piece of anything Superdry!  They're made of plastic and have lenses with the anti-reflective coating on them.  They're black on the outside, and swirly pink on the inside - I love glasses that have a second bright colour on them, especially if its on the inside just to make them a bit different and more interesting.

These feel really solid, they're really well made, which you'd expect from a designer brand.  They retail for £95* with Specspost, which on comparison with the likes of Vision Direct, is significantly cheaper (over £50 cheaper like-for-like).

They also came with a fantastic glasses case and cleaning cloth, the case is a wooden box with a metal lid, with the Superdry Japanese characters on the side, I like!
Superdry glasses in pink

Superdry glasses and box

Superdry logo on their glasses

Me wearing Superdry glasses

Hawaii nights geek glasses
This is the 'his' part of the review.  After the hubby spent an extensive amount of time browsing their glasses, he narrowed it down to these two beauties.  This pair are part of their geek glasses range, they're made of plastic and the lenses also have the anti-glare coating on them.

I chatted to the hubby about these and actually quoted him below about the other pair - he basically had the same sentiment about both, other than preferring the style of the other pair, so they've become his main pair and these ones are his spare, and ones that he wears when he fancies a change.

The glasses come with a hard glasses case and cleaning cloth, and as the hubby mentioned, only cost £30* (and that's with the anti-glare coating).

Hawaii nights glasses

Inside of Hawaii nights glasses

Hawaii nights glasses with glass case
Hubby wearing Hawaii nights glasses

Justin Timberlake glasses

These are plastic frames and the lenses have the anti-glare coating - if you're not sure what that is, its a film or coating that they add to the lens that helps when you're driving at night, not to create the star glare you get on headlights from oncoming cars at night.

To quote the hubby "They're very comfortable and nice & light.  The lenses are great, after months of wear there's not so much as one scratch on them.  I really like the style of them, these are my favourite out of the two pairs.  They seem really sturdy and well made, I really like that the inside of them is green.  The price is right, I can't imagine going to a high-street opticians and spending hundreds on a pair after seeing the quality of these for £30."

These are lovely frames - the green his hidden behind the front of the frame so you don't immediately notice the colour which makes it nice and subtle - you've gotta love the name of them too :P

Justin Timberlake frames

Green inside of the Justin Timberlake frames

Justin Timberlake glasses and glass box
Hubby with Justin Timberlake glasses

Overall we were really happy with the glasses we had from Specspost, they were all great quality and for a great price point.  They had a great range of frames to choose from and the service was fab!

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*This post contains PR samples


  1. Wow, that's great.

  2. My current superdry frames are scratched to death so I may have to check out this site! You look lovely in your frames xx

  3. Oh nice!! I love Chris's pair with the green, very cool! Will look into them, am after some cats eye frames next

    Two Hearts One Roof


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