Friday, 5 December 2014

Glam Christmas party look

Christmas party eyes and brows

Party eyes and brows

Glo & Ray lipstick in imprint red

Dramatic christmas party look

Christmas party look

I was sitting here writing a blog post when all of a sudden I felt inspired to create a Christmas look. I wouldn't normally go for bold lips and eyes, but I think Christmas parties are one of the times when you can really glam up and go all out.  

I tried to keep the eye shadow not too over the top and instead focussed on the eye liner, brows and lips.  So here's a breakdown of what I used and how I used it :)

Makeup Revolution anti-shine balm
If you've ever heard of or used Benefit Dr Feelgood then you'll know this product, it's a great dupe for it.  Dr Feelgood was my first high end makup purchase back about 15 years ago, god I feel old! I use this on top of my foundation by dabbing it with the sponge it comes with.  It helps to keep shine under control and keep your foundation primed - I use this in place of powder, and I usually find it works better than powder at shine control.

Makeup Revolution ultra aqua brow tint in medium
This is the first time I've used a liquid product like that on my brows.  I usually fill them in with powder and go for a fairly natural look with slight definition.  I haven't mastered that yet with this, I think this products strength is creating well defined brows that look well filled in.  It's well pigmented, but not over the top - you wouldn't want that in a brow product lets face it!

Makeup Revolution Iconic dreams palette
This is a very different palette from most of the Iconic ones, there aren't any really deep dark shades, i.e. no black or very dark brown.  That's why I picked this palette for this look as I didn't want very dark eye shadow.  For the look I applied the 4th shade all over the lid (very similar to Urban Decay Sin), then the 9th shade (a brown/green) on the outer half of lid, and finally the 10th shade in the crease.  Oh, I did also use the 2nd shade as a highlight under the brow and the 7th shade underneath the eye next to the eyeliner.

Revlon Colourstay skinny eyeliner
This is the finest, skinniest eyeliner I've ever used!  If you like creating definition and having a very fine line (perfect for the inner part of your eyes) then you really might like this.  It's jet black and pretty matte, and doesn't transfer up on your lids (winning!).

Makeup Revolution The Viper mascara
This is the first MUR mascara I've tried, it has an unusual wand (shaped like a cobra head) and has normal bristles instead of rubber ones.  It grips the lashes pretty well and after 2 coats creates a nice feathered full lash look (I'll do a proper review of this separately so you can see before and with different coats on).

Makeup Revolution the one fluid blusher in pink dew
I haven't tried the Daniel Sandler watercolour blushers before other than swatching them, but these seem to be exactly the same for a fraction of the price.  I absolutely love the subtle wash of colour they give my cheeks, so much nicer than a powder blusher, and they last well too.

Glo & Ray lipstick in Imprint Red
This is a gorgeous bright and zingy red (it photographs brighter than it actually is) that's one of the more hydrating lipsticks I've worn recently.  Since it's a glossy lipstick it doesn't last quite as well as matte ones, however its great for a glam look for the party season and so well pigmented.

That's everything I used to create my look - what do you think?  Too much or perfect for a Christmas or New Years party?

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  1. I love that color lipstick, goes fab with your eye makeup x

  2. Your eye makeup is seriously gorgeous! Hopefully I can replicate it, it's stunning for Christmas dinner. xx

    Reflection of Sanity | Smashbox Giveaway

  3. Your makeup is flawless and your photos are stunning! I'd love some tips on how you do your winged eyeliner - it's perfect! xx

  4. Absolutely stunning, your eye make-up is amazing x

  5. Gorgeous look, the red lips really suits you and the eye makeup is stunning! I actually created a similar look on my blog which I also posted today :D x

    Beauty with charm

  6. You look gorgeous... I love the red lips and dramatic eye makeup xx

  7. I really like the eye look! perfectly dramatic but not overpowering!

    Mikayla :)


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