Monday, 22 December 2014

Purple eyes NYE look

Purple eyes NYE look

Purple eyes close up looking down

Purple eyes, eyes closed

Purple eyes head on

Purple eyes slight angle

Close up of purple eyes from the side

Products used - Urban Decay Vice 2 palette and Makeup Revolution Give them nightmares palette

At the weekend I was feeling all inspired after donning some purple clothes (my favourite colour) and thought I'd create a purple transition look for you.  Now, sometimes I'd be brave and wear this as a day look, but in reality it's more of a NYE look (for me).  If you wanted to jazz it up a bit more, you could press a little glitter on the centre of your lid to make it pop, or use a glitter liner like the Urban Decay heavy metal liners and go for a double liner look :)

Here's what I used and how I used it:

Prime - I primed my eyelids with the Urban Decay Eden primer potion - I used this one as I have a lot of redness and blueness around my eyes at the moment due to the lack of sleep, and this evens it out creating a nice base for the shadow.

Brows - I used the Benefit Browzings( and Gimme Brow( to shape and define my brows, to frame the look.

The shadow - I started with the pink shimmery shade called 'coax' from the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette (any similar shade will do) and patted that on the inner third of my eye.  Then I dabbed Betrayal on the middle of the lid (from the same palette) pulling it to the edge of the lid.  Then I worked through the glittery black shade 'Lovesick' through the crease, focussing on the outer edge to make it smoky.  Next up from the Makeup Revolution 'Give them Nightmares' palette*, I opted for the dark purple shade (pictured above with a heart on it) and dabbed that on the outer third of the lid.

Once that was all in place, I took a blending brush and blended it all in, adding extra colour for depth where needed.  I also took these 3 shades under the eye in the exact same order.

Liner - I used the Makeup Revolution Kohl & Flick liner* - the kohl on the waterline, and the liquid liner for the rest, creating a cat eye flick.  To finish this off and take the edge off the sharpness, go back to the sparkly black shade in the Vice 2 palette 'Lovesick' (honestly, every time I write that word, I go to write Lovestick - something very different, lol) and blend it in on the liner with a small but fluffy brush.

Mascara - I've used the Makeup Revolution Viper* mascara here, as much as it may not be the best mascara, after a couple of coats you can create some very pretty fluttery eye lashes, my only issue is that I make the liner so thick that you don't really see my lashes anyway - this is perhaps where falsies would be better, especially for a NYE look :)

Tip - when creating this look less eye shadow is more, it's much easier to add more shadow to the look if needed than take away, and blend, blend, blend!

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?  What colour look would you like me to do next? Green? Blue?



  1. This looks lovely! I wish I could pull off colours like you can! x

  2. I love purple toned eyeshadows and this look is gorgeous! x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Gorgeous look, I love purple shadows!
    Sophie x

  4. This looks amazing! I wish I could pull off these colours x

  5. Thanks lovely :) Well, that's kinda what I was intending this to be :P I'm guessing you mean like a full tutorial with step-by-step pics? :)

  6. Thanks lovely :) I'm sure you could, you just need the right shades :)

  7. Thanks :) Yeah me too, purple is my favourite colour :)

  8. Thanks Alina :) Yeah, purple shadows are a vice of mine :)

  9. Thanks lovely :) I'm sure you could, you just need the right shades :)


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