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14 things no one tells you when you start a beauty blog

14 things no one tells you about starting a beauty blog

Inspired after a conversation with the lovely Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie the other night, I thought I'd write a bit of a tongue-in-cheek post about the things no one tells you when you start a beauty blog - it's all true, but somewhat silly :)

1.  You WILL get bombarded with emails to try the fecking Younique 3D mascara... OMG leave me alone!
2.  You WILL get loads of emails from 'SEO's' telling me I rank badly for important terms - get lost, can't you see I'm a lowly blog and not a big corporate website!
3.  So many brands will email you, offering 'FREE' content that will improve your blog, all they need is a link, but don't worry, there's no budget for this, we just want you to spend an hour editing it so it suits the tone of your readers and your blog, include the links we specify on a topic that doesn't relate to your blog, k?
4.  You'll try to justify spending £500 on a DSLR and semi-professional photography set up to take slightly clearer blog pictures of lipsticks... yeah. I did that.
5.  Your obsession with makeup will spiral out of control into a full blown addiction 
6.  You'll accumulate a makeup collection that'll put some makeup artists to shame
7.  How the fear of missing out never goes away, you always NEED the latest thing! (CSI blog)
8.  How you'll never be able to leave Boots empty handed (Miss Makeup Magpie)
9.  You can't touch any new products until you photograph them, no matter how hard you try (Miss Makeup Magpie)
10.  It's sooo obsessive (Frazzled Beauty)
11.  3 for 2 means 9 for 12 in Boots etc :) (Beauty Queen UK)
12. Yes you do need all those eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, foundations, powders, blushers, bronzers, brushes, concealers, face primers, eye primers, brow kits, mascaras, eye liners etc
13.  You'll curse the winter months for poor lighting to take blog photo's in
14.  You'll NEED your own room just to store you're out-of-control makeup collection, and then only use 10% of it

If you  have any more to add, please leave them as a comment below :)



  1. This is brilliant and had me smiling throughout haha. You are so right :D xx

  2. Hi Georgina,

    I agree with all of the above :D I may need to add Heart Breaking to that list. I can never afford the latest products so rarely have product reviews on my blog now.

    Wendy xx

  3. I love this post haha, only started my blog at the end of December and I can already feel myself getting addicted to makeup and needing to buy everything... sigh
    Daxidream x

  4. This post is so accurate! I'm currently in Shopaholics rehab haha, trying to stop myself from buying new products!

    Mikayla :)

  5. 9&11 are so true! If I show my friends my new make up I make sure they don't touch any of it hahaa!

    UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  6. loved this post - number one made me laugh… What is it with that flipping' mascara at the moment?! Totally sympathise with winter lighting, not being able to touch products until they've been photographed and the whole 3 for 2 issue in Boots… I always end up spending a fortune! Its dangerous!

  7. LMAO! Another post from you that made me really lough out loud! Yes to no. 1, seriously stop asking me to try that darn thing already or inviting me to the FB party. I am feeling no. 13 even since I moved to Canada, I didn't have any problem back in Malaysia. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Hahaha totally true. All of it, the bad lighting, the makeup obsession and the pointless seo emails...glad I'm not the only one who it happens to :-p
    Luchessa @

  9. Also, you can't even throw away things you don't use anymore because its a REFERENCE :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  10. Haha this is soooo funny - I'm a new blogger and trust me it didn't come with a warning label at all lol everything on your list perfectly describes me alright. Great post.

    Jo xx


  11. Ha so funny, my collection started to take over the house before I condensed it a little (with a heavy heart, may i add!) and the emails.. oh my god I could scream at the amount of emails I get offering me 'free content' oh yes of course thank you so much for allowing me to use your 'free content' which is full of links back to your website!!

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  12. Number 11, always and forever number 11.

  13. This post is so funny it made me chuckle just a little haha. A makeup collection isn't too bad to have! It's lovely! I'd love to own loads, I obsess and I rarely blog about beauty! Maybe it'll be changing if I gain the all of products that I'm after!

    Shannon at

  14. Thanks! I know what that's like! In 2012 and 2013 I did a couple of big spending bans (in 2013 I did a 100 day spending ban!), I've managed to get it under control now though :D

  15. Yeah they're SO true aren't they :D

  16. Hehe thanks Shireen :) Yeah the lighting is such a pain!!!

  17. I know - this was me for a LONG time, but eventually I had to through so much makeup away when I was moving my collection into my bedroom to turn our spare room into a nursery - at least I have photo's as reference :)

  18. Thanks :) It's hard being a beauty blogger isn't it ;)

  19. Definitely :) Love it when there's a free gift-with-purchase too - like in the Summer the sunglasses Bourjois always do and it's 3 for 2, LOVE it!

  20. Yeah we're all in it together I think :)

  21. Thanks :) Oh the need grows so strong! At my worst, I was probably spending £200 a month on makeup... I know, SHAMEFUL! Then I budgeted for £100 (including advertising on other bloggers blogs), and now it's £15 a month :D Oh how I've grown!

  22. It's horrible getting rid of makeup isn't it - when I moved my collection from the spare room (to turn it into a nursery) into the bedroom, I had to cut my collection down by two thirds :( Heartbreaking!!!!!

  23. Thanks Bethany :) Yeah that mascara is SO annoying! And yeah, 3 for 2 offers are super dangerous :)

  24. Thanks :D And, thanks for your contribution :D

  25. That depends :P My makeup collection was out of control, probably bigger than some makeup artists! Problem then is that it all goes off without being used as you tend to only use a small percentage of it :)

  26. Absolutely true, every dang last one LOL. Love it!!!

  27. what's wrong with Younique 3D mascara compared to the other product you review???

  28. Nothing is 'wrong' with it - but I think it's fair to say, me, and most other beauty bloggers I speak to are sick of being inundated with countless emails asking for us to review it - I can't speak for everyone else, but I reviewed it some time ago, and still get multiple emails weekly...

  29. none of them has happened to me so far

  30. Hahaha I literally just started my blog and I can already notice half of these things happening. Gave me a laugh xx



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